Jazz Jennings was only 5 when her parents began transitioning her from male to a girl. Jazz, who rose to prominence after appearing on the TLC reality show ‘I Am Jazz,’ recently contradicted her own belief that anyone can easily transition to the gender of their choosing. Notably, Jazz’s transition sparked outrage in America and impacted the acceptance of transgender people.

Jeanette Jennings, the TLC star’s mother, has been a huge support throughout her path. Jazz became progressively depressed after vaginoplasty, according to Jeanette. Meanwhile, Jazz recently voiced regret over her gender transition. Read on to find out how Jazz feels about her transformation.

Jazz Jennings has undergone multiple “sex change” surgeries and has been on various hormones. “I just want to feel like myself,” she says. All I want is to be joyful and feel like myself, and I never do.”

Jazz Jennings has had numerous “sex change” surgeries and has been on countless hormones. She reveals: “I just want to feel like myself. All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.” This is the sad reality of transitioning.

Why does Jazz Jennings regret her childhood transition?

During Season 8 of ‘I Am Jazz,’ Jazz expressed worry about her transition. Jazz told her mother that she felt broken and unable to be herself. Jazz also told her mother that she keeps going ‘back to negative’ and can’t get out of her mind.’ “It just doesn’t stop,” Jazz added. Jazz revealed a heartbreaking truth while Jeanette attempted to reassure her that everything would be alright. During a discussion with her mother, Jazz stated, “I just want to feel like myself, like that’s all.” “I don’t mind.” “All I want is to be happy and feel like myself, and I never feel like myself.”

Jazz Jennings

Was Jazz Jennings forced to change by Jeanette?

Throughout the show, Jeanette appears to discourage Jazz from concentrating on soul-searching. “The more you talk about yourself, the harder it gets,” she explained. You’re digging in, forcing you to magnify an already tough situation.” “I know this is difficult for you,” Jeanette added. And we don’t want to press the issue.” On the other hand, Jeanette has always attempted to be a supportive mother but always seems to end up pressuring Jazz. In another scenario, Jeanette pressed Jazz to dilate her ‘neovagina’ daily.

Notably, social media users could not concur that Jeanette forced Jazz to be transgender. “Perhaps Jazz’s worst enemy is her mother,” one Twitter user speculated. “If grown adults want to go through this process and make that decision….that’s one thing,” another user said, “but putting your child through this process before they even have the maturity to make that decision….it’s heartbreaking.” “Imagine if that mother acted like an adult and just told her son years ago that it’s ok to be gay, to act like you want, to dress like you want, to be yourself as is,” another user added.

“Your mother sealed your fate when you were five years old. She wanted a girl and got a boy, so she fixed it,” a fourth user said of Jeanette. If you wished to transition, she should have given you at least until the age of 25 to become an adult and make your life plans. I hope you find serenity.” “The abusive, controlling mother who had surgery and hormones forced on a child is his worst enemy,” one user added. “The sad thing is that this shows the mother’s constant manipulation as she is not listening but instead trying to steer her child’s feelings,” said another.


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