Jason Momoa Photobombs a Wedding in his Typical Aquaman Avatar!

Jason Momoa is the most energetic superhero you will ever meet. And you can’t disagree to this. Earlier this month, he performed the traditional Atlantis dance at the Comic Con.

He then challenged Jimmy Fallon at a Trident throw competition and won. He had one of the most amazing talks with Graham Norton, where he revealed that he loves to take pictures with other people’s girlfriend.

And this time, Momoa took the Aquaman fun back to square one. To the sea. Jason Momoa was wandering near a Hawaii Beach and playing with his Trident. But what he did next is going to steal your hearts.

Jason Momoa at a Wedding Shoot
Source- Hollywood Pipeline

Momoa spotted a wedding ceremony happening near the beach and decided to photobomb the couple in his typical Aquaman avatar. Check out the picture.

Not only this, he took out the time to have a few clicks with all the kids out there and get them a chance to have an interaction with their favorite superhero.

All love Jason Momoa, and All Hail The King of Atlantis.

Source- TMZ, ET Online

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