James Duggar has been accused of smoking marijuana and making a white supremacist hand gesture in a recent picture. James, who has lived most of his life outside the spotlight, has been trying to make a name for himself by launching a media empire of his own, and his edgy content has been courting controversy.

James Goes Wild

Earlier this year, James launched a YouTube channel called “Duggars Gone Wild,” which he later changed at his parent’s insistence. The content remains edgy, and he violated the Duggar code of conduct by dining in pubs during an unexpected trip to Europe. He has returned home but continues to shock his audience (and parents).

The Controversial Picture

James’ latest post features him and some friends riding in the back of a cargo truck with an open tailgate. Some commenters were more fixated on James’s hand gesture during the ride, which has been interpreted as a white supremacist symbol.

James is under fire for a controversial hand gesture

White Supremacist Hand Gesture?

“The hand signal has become a white power symbol,” one person wrote of the gesture pictured below. “That sign was kidnapped, tortured, and forced to change by the far-right white power community.”

“I was thinking that there was no pretending in that gesture. He isn’t so isolated in HuckabeeSanders-land that he doesn’t know what it means. He knows and likely he means it,” another commenter remarked.

“The okay sign is also a white power sign & I think it has been widespread since before 2016. Hopefully he wasn’t using it in this manner but who knows. I am surprised so many people don’t know this,” a third chimed in.

Defenders Speak Up

Some commenters defended James, arguing that he’s relatively new to social media and may not have realized the implications of the gesture.

“He is not doing a white power sign. It’s ‘ok’ c’mon,” one person wrote.

“Let’s be honest he doesn’t even know what he’s doing in that pic. I think he’s still learning how to use social media properly lol,” another added.

“This is just the OK signal. Wouldn’t read too much into that,” a third wrote, prompting another person to respond, “It was…until it wasn’t.”

Smoking an Imaginary Joint?

Interestingly, a third theory has emerged, with some fans suggesting that James was smoking an imaginary joint in the picture. Although it is doubtful that Duggar would publicly boast about smoking weed, his one-word caption for the post — “PARTY!” — might indicate an elevated state of mind.


What is the controversial hand gesture that James made in the picture?

Duggar’s hand gesture has been interpreted as a white supremacist symbol.

Why are some people defending James?

Some people are defending Duggar, arguing that he’s relatively new to social media and may not have realized the implications of the gesture.

What is the third theory about the picture?

The third theory is that James smoked an imaginary joint in the picture.