Kody Brown and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, from the popular reality TV show Sister Wives, have been caught up in dramatic storylines that confused fans. From choosing to spend time with his favorite wife, Robyn, and family during the pandemic to the family’s decisions, some of the drama often seems unbelievable. However, these contradictions made the show all the more entertaining for viewers. Fans have been quick to notice and call out the lies told by the Browns, and the latest to surface is regarding their drinking habits.

The Lie that Kody and Robyn Brown Told

Kody and Robyn have repeatedly stated on Sister Wives that they do not drink. However, when fans spotted the couple at a local mall during the holidays of 2022, Robyn and Kody were drinking alcohol. As such, they were caught in a lie.

Fans are Not Sure if Kody and Robyn Brown Changed Their Lifestyle or Want to Hide It

At the beginning of the series, the family appeared to follow their religion more closely than they did in the later episodes. As such, some fans believe that drinking may result from the more lax approach to Mormonism. However, others feel that Robyn and Kody have drunk alcohol regularly over the years, and it is just one of the facts they want buried to preserve the personas they tried to portray on Sister Wives.

“I don’t know that they’re opposed to drinking alcohol,” one Reddit user wrote. “They practice ‘cafeteria-style’ Mormonism (making it up as they go along).”

Another user explained, “A lot has changed over the course of the show. They broke ties with the religious group they grew up/got married in. They’ve posted pictures where they’re sitting around a dinner table with mojitos, Moscow mules, wine, beer, etc.”

“I’ve read stories about them from servers when they lived in Vegas. Apparently, they go out often, and they drink quite a bit. I’ve read that Kody, Christine, and Robyn all drink pretty heavily when they go out,” a third Reddit user stated.

Whether they have recently changed or have just been less careful as of late, it is clear that Robyn and Kody drink. And if this is the case, it begs the question of why they spoke out against it throughout the series when they enjoyed wine or beer.

Why Kody and Robyn Brown Have Spoken Out Against Drinking Alcohol in the Past

As Mormons, Robyn and Kody were not supposed to drink alcohol. As such, when the kids in the family came of age and started drinking, they gave speeches about why it should be abstained. Part of that desire to keep up the facade that neither Kody nor Robyn drank could come from some issues with alcohol experienced in the past.

Robyn was previously married before she met Kody.

As such, divorce is not something new for some of Kody’s wives, ex or not. As part of her divorce settlement, according to Starcasm, Robyn had to agree to not “consume excessive amounts of alcohol” around the children.

Since her ex-husband David Jessop gave up his parental rights, that would mean no drinking around the kids. Perhaps, Kody wanted to support Robyn and just made a blanket rule that no one in the family should drink. It has also been alleged that alcohol could have been a factor in Robyn’s problems in her previous marriage.


Q: Did Kody and Robyn break any religious rules by drinking alcohol?

A: Mormons Kody and Robyn were not supposed to drink alcohol.

Q: Did Kody and Robyn lie about not drinking on the show?

A: It appears so. Fans spotted the couple drinking alcohol at a restaurant, contradicting their claims of abstaining from alcohol on the show.

Q: Did other Sister Wives cast members drink alcohol?

A: It is unclear if the other cast members drank alcohol on the show, but some Reddit users alleged that Christine and Robyn drank heavily when they went out.

Q: Why did Robyn have to agree not to consume excessive amounts of alcohol in her divorce settlement?

A: As part of her divorce settlement, Robyn had to agree not to “consume excessive amounts of alcohol” around her children from her previous marriage.

Q: Did alcohol play a role in Robyn’s problems in her previous marriage?

A: It has been alleged that alcohol may have been a factor in Robyn’s problems in her previous marriage, but this has not been confirmed.

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