On Tuesday, Italian airport staff staged a 24-hour walkout. Passengers are left in a chaotic situation in the midst of the airport strike.

The Italian airports’ strike could majorly affect Britons traveling to European countries. The industrial action witnessed hundreds of flights getting canceled by prominent airlines including Alitalia, Ryanair, and easyJet.

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Italy airport strike: A disruptive industrial action

Italy airport strike cancels easyjet

Italy airport staff strike has affected hundreds of flights and millions of passengers are left helpless. Italian airport staff has walked out in a 24-hour spate of disruptive industrial action on the pretext of disputes over working conditions and pay.

EasyJet as reportedly canceled 30 flights so far of its routes to and fro from Italy. It came following the launch of a coordinated demonstration by the airport, airline, and air traffic control staff.

easyJet spokesperson said:

“Although this is outside of our control we would like to apologize to customers for any inconvenience and would like to assure them that we are doing all possible to minimize any disruption as a result of the industrial action.”

Meanwhile, six flights between Milan and London City Airport flew unaffected.

Alitalia scrapped over half of the scheduled flights

Italy airport strike cancels major flights

National carrier Alitalia canceled half of its flights on Monday, Tuesday, and some will scrap some on Wednesday morning as well.

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An estimation of over 300 Alitalia flight departures has been grounded.

The Italian airline rolled out a statement,

“Alitalia has taken special measures to mitigate customer inconvenience by operating bigger aircraft on domestic and international routes.”


Followed up by another statement,

“We recommend to all customers departing from an Italian airport on Tuesday 21 May to allow extra time to pass through airport security as queues may be longer than usual.”

After Italy airport strike, Portugal, Spain, and Luton are coming up next.

Spain Ryanair Strike

After Italy airport strike, Portugal, Spain, and Luton are affected by the staff walkouts.

An airport Insider advised passengers to check with their individual airline while respecting the course of action. Airport authorities are reportedly monitoring the situation to keep the passenger information ready for future flights.

Passengers who have tickets of flights which are not officially grounded yet are urged in particular.

The industrial action has prompted fears of “no food on board” among the passengers taking long trips.