The popular anime, My Hero Academia, which started serializing in Weekly Jump in 2014, has some speculations running around the anime community. Rumors say due to Kohei Horikoshi’s health issues, My Hero Academia will soon end. But how much truth is there in the rumor? Let’s find out.

My Hero Academia Ending or Not?

Much to the relief of the fans, we are glad to brush off all these rumors. My Hero Academia is not ending so soon. In fact, the series is in its Final War Arc currently and will continue its journey at least till the mid of 2024.

My Hero Academia cancelled? Kohei Horikoshi facing health issues? Details updated!
My Hero Academia

Kohei Horikoshi has been facing health issues for quite a while now. He has even hinted a few times that he would soon wrap up My Hero Academia within 2023-2024. He didn’t realize how much longer it would take to get to the manga’s conclusion.

My Hero Academia cancelled? Kohei Horikoshi facing health issues? Details updated!
Author Kohei Horikoshi

Fans were concerned that the series would end abruptly, taking note of the author’s health condition. However, Author Horikoshi didn’t lose his determination and instead decided to go with the plans that he had already made in advance for the series. He assured the fans that he would not let the meticulously planned finale go in vain. This has also led to some confusion among the fanbase over the actual finish date of the manga.

Spoilers Ahead!

My Hero Academia’s Final War arc is currently dealing with Yuga Aoyama and Izuku Midoriya luring All for One into revealing himself and attacking him. In the all-out war against All For One, many Heroes have already fallen, while All Might has returned in a new suit the fight the villain.

My Hero Academia cancelled? Kohei Horikoshi facing health issues? Details updated!
All In One as seen in the anime

While on the other hand, the heroes discovered that Dabi’s Blueflames had caused havoc after they defeated All In One. Endeavour and Rei made an effort to calm Dabi down, as well as his younger siblings Fuyumi and Natsuo, and get the situation under control. Meanwhile, Shoto hasn’t yet shown up and has been missing from the vision of the joyful Todoroki family in a different universe.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Release Date, Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 will release on 15th May 2023 at 12 am JST.

The author has promised the fans to try his best and be dedicated to his work. So fans can be relieved that it is not ending this soon as the Final War arc is the best of all in the series. So for now, let’s trust Author Horikoshi and enjoy the newly released chapters online right on Viz Media.