A Surprising Diversion from the Books

The much-loved fantasy saga, ‘The Wheel of Time’ never fails to surprise its fans, with the latest being a fascinating twist to Liandrin’s narrative. Kate Fleetwood’s portrayal of the character showcases her as a traitor within the revered White Tower, mirroring her role in the books. However, a crucial scene in the latest season hints that Liandrin’s destiny in the TV series may veer off the known path.

Revelations from ‘Damane’

Season 2’s fifth episode, “Damane,” delved deep into the aftermath of Liandrin’s double-crossing of Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne. Drawing parallels from “The Great Hunt”, the second book of the series, Liandrin surrenders the trio to the Seanchan, leaving them under Lady Suroth’s watchful eyes. But the narrative takes a sharp twist when, unlike the books, only Egwene remains imprisoned, while the other two make a successful escape.

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Is Liandrin Turning Good? The Unexpected Twist in 'Wheel of Time' S2E5 Explained

Liandrin’s Unexpected Aid

What’s interesting to note is Liandrin’s subtle interference which played a pivotal role in Nynaeve and Elayne’s breakaway. By discreetly unshielding the duo, she enabled them to tap into the True Source, facilitating their escape. One might wonder why the cold-hearted Liandrin from the books would assist in their escape in the TV adaptation. A mix of personal vendetta against Lady Suroth and a newly unveiled layer of empathy could be the driving factors.

In the second season, Liandrin has been portrayed with a touch more complexity. Not only does she harbor a personal goal to save her ailing son, but there’s also a hint of an emotional bond forming with Nynaeve. This newly exposed depth to her character, especially during their conversation in the fourth episode, brings forth a perspective that the character may be battling internal guilt.

Is Liandrin Turning Good? The Unexpected Twist in 'Wheel of Time' S2E5 Explained

A Redemption Arc for Liandrin?

Delving deeper into Liandrin’s character development, it’s hard not to speculate whether this hints at a future redemption arc for her. While the literary counterpart of Liandrin remains steadfastly evil until her exit in the eleventh book, “Knife of Dreams”, the show seems to be paving a path of redemption. If this trajectory holds, we might just see Liandrin renouncing the Dark One, turning a new leaf. Such a transformation would indeed be a testament to ‘The Wheel of Time’s commitment to evolve and deepen its characters beyond their original constructs.

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