Episode Summary

The second episode of “Invisible City” season 2, titled “I Won’t Hurt You,” opens with a flashback of Bento and his curse. Bento is scratched by something underwater while diving into the lake with his friends. This scratch leads to chaos as he transforms into a supernatural being, causing harm to his family. Eric now bears the same scratch, which Ines realizes, and they figure out Matinta is behind it all. Matinta seems to be working with Debora, who has imprisoned Luna in an underground cellar behind bars.

Marangatu is now vulnerable due to indigenous deaths, and the church priest is surprised to see Bento healed. Debora takes Bento into the basement, imprisoning him next to Luna. Bento warns Luna not to trust Debora. Meanwhile, Ines confronts Matinta, who tells her everything could come to ruin. Eric convinces Nino to take him to Bento’s family’s place, where he learns that Debora controls people through hypnosis.

The episode builds up to the big fight between Eric and Debora, with Matinta featuring heavily. Telma’s subplot seems like a distraction, but it may lead to uncovering everything and destroying their operation.

Episode Review

“Invisible City” tightens the screw and draws the battle lines, setting up the big fight between Eric and Debora. Matinta’s involvement is crucial, as the group must prevent Debora and Castro from reaching Marangatu. With a shorter run-time, this year’s writing feels more thriller-oriented than the previous season’s wonder and awe. However, the show has time to regain its magic in the episodes ahead.


“Everything could come to ruin.” – Matinta to Ines

“Debora is making me do the gravest of sins, and I’m conflicted.” – Clarice to the priest