Do you know what feels great? It’s seeing that some people are still doing great things for nature. Like Ikea did by purchasing an 11,000 acres forest just to keep it that way. Sounds great, right? Of course, it does! After all, these days no one does such a thing without thinking about their own share. 

This Swedish home outfitter is trying hard to help in making this world a better place to live.  Scroll down to see the forest. 

Let’s face it: all that modular furniture we love to complain about — and just plain love once it’s put together — requires a lot of wood.

Ikea says that forestry management is becoming a cornerstone of the company’s corporate culture.

“We truly believe responsible forest management is possible and we see that a large part of our responsibility towards the land we own — and by extension the planet — is to restore forests and plant more than we harvest,” Ingka Group’s managing director, Krister Mattsson, told CNN.

“In all our properties nature conservation is important. In this particular US investment in Georgia, first, it is important that the land cannot be broken up into small units and it remains forever forestland.”

That land in Georgia is home to about 350 plant and wildlife species, two of which are on the endangered species list.

Ikea has larger, overarching sustainability ambitions as well.

Ingka Group also says that the concerns of locals are being taken into account.

“For all the forests we own, our commitment is to manage them responsibly. Also, to preserve and increase the quality of the forests over time,” Mattsson told CNN. “Our vision on forest management is to consider all the functions of a forest. And plan for dozens of years ahead. We look at it as a commitment to balance the economic, environmental and social aspects related to the forest.”