Simon Friend is a name that immediately rings bells in the world of theatrical adaptations. Having previously transformed the likes of “Life of Pi” into Broadway spectacles, he’s back with something even more daring: bringing the iconic horror movie series “Paranormal Activity” to the stage. With the West End constantly craving fresh, exciting content, this could be the thrilling jolt that dedicated theater-goers and horror aficionados alike are looking for.

Simon Friend’s Vision

Friend, through Simon Friend Entertainment, has managed to secure the license from Paramount to take the horror narrative from the screen to the stage. Given his vast experience adapting popular movies into successful stage productions, including “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, this venture promises to be something to look out for.

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“Made on microbudgets, the movies were massive moneymakers, with the first one considered to be among the most profitable movies ever made, grossing $193.4 million globally.”

Considering the monumental success of the “Paranormal Activity” films theatrically, it’s no surprise that their transition to the theater is a highly anticipated affair. The series, which hinges on the terrifying narrative of families haunted by a relentless demon, managed to cleverly utilize commonplace video and cellphone cameras to enhance the scare factor.

An Evolving Legacy

Iconic Horror Hit 'Paranormal Activity' Gets West End Makeover: From Screen to Stage!

It’s not just about the horror, though. Simon Friend has been branching out in multiple avenues. The year 2020 saw him producing the critically acclaimed drama “The Father”, garnering Anthony Hopkins an Oscar for Best Actor.

Levi Holloway Takes the Pen

For a project of this magnitude, one needs a writer with a unique sensibility. Enter Levi Holloway. Not a stranger to intertwining horror elements into plays, Holloway’s “Grey House” made waves when it debuted on Broadway.

“The production, which closed mid-summer, starred Tatiana Maslany, Paul Sparks and Laurie Metcalf and tells of a couple who take shelter during a blizzard in a cabin occupied by a mysterious old lady and her teenage girls.”

Holloway, also associated with the revered Steppenwolf Theatre, brings a fresh perspective to the table. His contribution to the “Neverbird Project”, a theater initiative integrating both deaf and hearing youth, showcases his commitment to inclusive artistry.

Looking Ahead

With the “Paranormal Activity” adaptation being in its early stages, it’s hard to predict precisely how the iconic horror series will translate to the stage. However, with the prowess of both Simon Friend and Levi Holloway behind it, this West End production is sure to be more than just another adaptation. It stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of art and the power of reinterpretation.

Source: Hollywood Reporter