Zendaya has been a part of some big Hollywood projects. Her performance with Tom Holland in the Spider-Man movies is what made her famous. However, one of her biggest films has to be The Greatest Showman. Back in 2017, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and the former Disney actress came together to deliver one of the greatest musicals of all time.

The movie was a masterpiece with catchy and meaningful songs. Unfortunately for the Euphoria star, it was also responsible for one of her most embarrassing moments on set.

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Hugh Jackman blamed the Euphoria star for farting on set

Hugh Jackman blames Zendaya for farting on set

While on the Graham Norton Show, Zendaya revealed an embarrassing moment when an actor farted in front of the Deadpool star and the crew blamed Zendaya for it.

The Euphoria actress revealed how the awkward moment turned into a humorous one due to the blame game that ensued. During one of her own stunts, Zendaya spun around and got caught in one of the ropes when she heard…a fart.

Zendaya revealed she kept her cool and remained calm until the entire cast and crew started laughing. The actress laughed nervously and during the interview, she tried to once again clarify that it wasn’t her.

The Greatest Showman cast has a debate as to who farted.

During the interview, the cast of the movie had an all-out debate regarding who farted.

Zendaya recalled the hilarious moment on set, saying:

“I am not gonna name the person because that’s embarrassing, okay? The point is we were doing this stunt in front of Hugh Jackman and I have very few scenes with Hugh Jackman, and um, I was very nervous.”

Just then, Jwckman interrupts her asking if it was him who farted to which Zendaya denied it and continued:

“So we were doing this thing where I am up in the air, I spin down and I get caught. And I heard a fart. Now, wait. As a professional, I was gonna carry on. So they are laughing, the other person is laughing and Hugh is laughing and I’m like, ‘Okay are we just gonna pretend like it didn’t happen or we can laugh about it’, and what happened was the person who was a grown man blamed it on me. So, Hugh thought that I farted,”

Jackman played innocent in front of Zendaya but mouthed the words that it was indeed her to Graham Norton.


The interview continued with Zendaya stating that if she would indeed be farting, it would be “silent but deadly.”

This has to be one of Zendaya’s most embarrassing moments on set. However, she took it sportingly, even recalling the event in front of her co-stars. What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to follow hiptoro for the latest celebrity news and gossip.

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