Hunter x Hunter chapter 391 release date manga hiatus

Hunter x Hunter has entered one more hiatus after almost a year. But, even after such a huge gap, we still have no clue as to when Yoshihiro Togashi will release chapter 391.

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Hunter x Hunter chapter 391 release date

When did the last hiatus happen?

Fans don’t really like a long hiatus even if it is for a TV series or manga. But, Togashi’s followers are almost used to it by now. There was also a time when no chapters were released for a whole year. This happened back in 2015. So, is there any possibility that chapter 391 will not release in 2019?

Hunter x Hunter chapter 391 release date

When will Hunter x Hunter chapter 391 release?

Let’s hope that does not happen this year. And there is one thing which might keep the fans’ hopes still going. The previous chapter was released in November 2018. After many days, Togashi announced that he was going on an indefinite break. He also left the fans with strong promises about the next chapter and further installments.

Togashi announced in Weekly Shonen Jump that the next ten chapters’ storyboards are all ready. He said that he would resume the upcoming ones depending upon his health. So, there is news on the brighter side. He has confirmed that he has started working on the forthcoming chapter up till chapter 400.

How many chapters can we expect?

The same announcement brought forward speculations about 19 new chapters apart from the 391st chapter. So, this is not entirely impossible because Togashi released 20 installments in 2018. Although the first 10 chapters were dropped at the beginning of the year, so, it might be possible that Togashi is trying to match the count of last year. And he will try to release everything all at once in the second half of the year.