While some of the skyscrapers and other human construction have ruined the beauty of this earth, some of them have made it a better place to live in. 

These human-made things are present throughout the world. That’s why a subreddit r/CityP*** is asking people to come forward and share high-quality images of such things. Scroll down to have a look. 

Planned This Shot For Months Before Coming To The Us, But I Didn’t Expect The Sun To Make The Rails Golden. Sometimes Photography Is Just About Being A Lucky Bastard

Mexican Town Pachuca Is One Big Mural

A Literal Urban Jungle, Taipei, Taiwan

My City: Groningen In The North Of The Netherlands. This Is Actually My View

London, UK

Lhasa, Tibet


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (From A Different Angle)

Happy New Year! Moscow, Russia

Dresden, Germany

Bern, Switzerland

Suspension Railway In Wuppertal, Germany

Tokyo Looking Like Another World

Skating To Toronto

Beautiful Night View Of Lombard Street, San Francisco

New York City. What An Amazing Image

Alesund, Norway

I Thought It Was Cool My First Time Flying Into Chicago Looked Like I Was Flying Into A Computer!

A Foggy Day In Dubai

The Gateway Arch In St. Louis, Missouri During The Recent Snowstorm

Cork, Ireland, Covered By A Fresh Blanket Of Snow

Casablanca, Morocco

French Quarter, New Orleans

Photo Of The NYC Blackout From My Friend


The View From My Desk In Chicago, Il, USA Isn’t One You See Often And I’m Really Going To Miss It

The Best Photo I’ve Taken In Chicago. From The Roof Of The Hard Rock Hotel

The Flatiron, New York. Photo By: Stephen Wilkes

Central Park In Fall, New York

The Boundary Between Scottsdale, Arizona, USA And The Salt River Indian Reservation

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