Hue Jackson has joined the Bengals’ coaching staff as the special assistant of the head coach Lewis. This news was confirmed by the Bengals on Tuesday morning. As per, Jackson’s role will be along the fixed lines. It is believed that Jackson arrived at the Paul Brown Stadium last Tuesday morning to be given a title similar to a special assistant.

His role will basically be focused on helping Lewis in performing his head coaching duties. He will also help in managing and strengthening the teams defense. Jackson has taken up his duties with the Bengals from Today.

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Lewis has asserted that he had a great comfort level with Hue and trusted his abilities to assist him with the day to day responsibilities on working on the teams defense and analyzing their opponents He also trusted that Hue would help him on game days with the players and other defensive coaches.

On the other hand Jackson was also very excited on getting a new job after the Browns had fired him about two weeks ago. He expressed pleasure on joining the Bengals this season. He believed that there was a lot of talent in the team. He believed that he would be able to prove his worth and end the season on a strong note. On the other hand, defensive coordinator Martin Lewis said that one would have to watch and see things as the season unfolded itself later.

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