Robert De Niro’s Heartwarming Support for Girlfriend Tiffany Chen Battling Bell’s Palsy

In a touching interview with Gayle King on CBS Morning, Tiffany Chen, the girlfriend of legendary actor Robert De Niro, shared a deeply personal account of her recent health struggles. Tiffany revealed the extent to which the two-time Oscar-winning actor has supported her following her diagnosis with Bell’s Palsy.

“He was very sweet. He tried to say that he didn’t see any difference. He didn’t see any changes. He’s like, no. He’s like, you look fine,”

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Tiffany recounted.

Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis Post Childbirth

Tiffany Chen, a new mother to her and De Niro’s baby girl Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, started noticing unusual symptoms shortly after giving birth in April. A sharp pain behind her left ear, initially assumed to be a fluid buildup, gradually raised concerns as her facial appearance changed.

“When I got home, it was like everything was starting to just fall down on itself. Like my face was melting on itself.”

Her worsening condition led her to consult her doctor, following which she was admitted to the hospital. There, she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition affecting facial muscles, after losing all facial function upon her arrival at the hospital.

Treatment and Public Struggles

The journey to recovery for Tiffany involved treating the condition with steroids and acupuncture. However, dealing with this personal health battle wasn’t easy as a public figure. It was not her changed appearance, but her inability to express affection to her newborn deeply affected her.

“What bothered me is that I couldn’t smile at the baby at the beginning. And I couldn’t give her kisses. That’s what made me self-conscious.”

Despite this, Tiffany and De Niro decided to be open about her condition and continue living their lives socially.

De Niro’s Love for Family

Tiffany and De Niro’s relationship dates back to 2015, when they worked together on the film “The Intern.” Speaking about De Niro, Tiffany revealed her favorite thing about the renowned actor: his love for his family.

“The best thing about Rob De Niro is how much he loves his family,”

She said, touched by his dedication and support during her health battle.

As Tiffany continues her journey toward recovery, the story of her health struggle and the unwavering support of De Niro offers a poignant example of resilience and the power of love. As fans and supporters continue to follow their journey, the duo’s courage in adversity is truly inspiring.