How I Met Your Father season 2, episode 9 begins with the group doing a push-up competition, and Sophie ends up winning the Val’s plus one ticket to the premiere of Flubber the Musical. Meanwhile, Jesse introduces his new lady friend Dana to the rest of the group, and they decide to use the welcome protocol to impress a new love interest where each person plays a specific role.

Bad Timing

Val admits that Daphne Dupree, the Broadway star she’s styling, is a nightmare. She rejected 200 dresses before finding the right one, and Val forgot to tell the designer not to sell them to anyone else. Meanwhile, Sophie and Val attend the premiere, where they meet Daphne and another woman wearing the same dress as her.

At the pub, the others use the welcome protocol on Dana, and they all seem to like her, except for Jesse. He changes his mind and decides to use the fake emergency protocol instead.

Multiple Dresses and Fake Emergencies

Sophie spills sauce on the woman wearing the same dress as Daphne, and they all find each other. Daphne gets angry with Val and walks away while the chef catches Sophie in her underwear in the pantry.

Ellen pretends to call Jesse with fake news about their mother being in a car accident. However, a woman enters and tells Dana her grandmother is in the hospital, so she leaves quickly.

Now wearing a chef’s coat, Sophie meets the chef, and they bond over different types of ranch sauce.

The Show Goes On

Daphne decides to go on stage and make jokes, successfully coming across as funny and down-to-earth. She then sings her song from the movie.


Ellen confronts Jesse, saying he’s not over Sophie yet, so he tries to fast-track things with Dana. The episode highlights the group’s attempts to impress others and how things can go wrong when they try too hard.