Alice Cooper On The Depp-Heard Saga

In the glamorous, chaotic world of showbiz, stories are bound to intertwine. Recently, Alice Cooper, the celebrated rock veteran, opened up about his Hollywood Vampires bandmate, Johnny Depp’s publicized defamation trial with Amber Heard.

The trial was quite the sensation in the media. Yet, Cooper candidly admitted, “I never watched a moment of” Depp’s Virginia trial that ruled in favor of Johnny. This lawsuit followed Amber Heard’s 2018 op-ed where she discussed her experiences with abuse allegations. The verdict came about on June 1, 2022, during which Depp was away, sharing stage with Jeff Beck in the U.K. Subsequently, the two parties arrived at a settlement, with Heard agreeing to pay Depp $1 million in reparations.

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Cooper and Depp’s Rock Solid Bond

Alice Cooper elaborated on the band’s stance and Depp’s headspace during the tour. He mentioned, “Not at all. If you talk to Johnny about it, it was something that happened.” Emphasizing the laid-back attitude Depp maintained throughout the fiasco, Cooper added, “He was just like, ‘Yeah, yeah, what’s the next song?'”


Hollywood Vampires' Tour Secrets: Alice Cooper Reveals How Johnny Depp Shook Off the Amber Heard Drama

The public’s intrigue around the trial didn’t miss Cooper’s radar, and he wondered, “I don’t know why they would televise the proceedings, right? It’s because of the fame of both people.” Cooper firmly believed in Depp’s innocence, stating, “I knew Johnny was gonna win because how many people have other exes literally on their side testifying for him?”

On the camaraderie shared within the band, Cooper mentioned the trial wasn’t a topic of conversation during the tour. He remarked, “I don’t think it was ever mentioned on the tour because nobody cared.”

Depp’s Summer with the Vampires

The Hollywood Vampires, made up of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen, had a tour-packed summer. Sources reported that Depp, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star, celebrated his birthday in a low-key fashion in Istanbul, Turkey, sharing a quiet dinner with his bandmates.

Hollywood Vampires' Tour Secrets: Alice Cooper Reveals How Johnny Depp Shook Off the Amber Heard Drama

Post his ankle injury in May, the actor was reported to prioritize his health. An insider commented, “He’s 60. He’s on tour. He’s directing a movie. He can’t do what he was doing at 20 years old.” The sentiment was further accentuated with, “He’s taking care of himself. Everything in moderation.”

As the Hollywood Vampires wrapped their expansive summer tour that covered Europe and the U.S., they concluded with a gig in Bethel, New York, on July 30, marking another milestone in their musical journey.

A Band Beyond Trials and Triumphs

Despite personal challenges faced by band members, the essence of rock and roll stands undeterred. As the Hollywood Vampires trod along their path, creating music and memories, it’s evident that their bond is anchored in shared passions rather than personal trials. The band’s focus, as vouched by Alice Cooper, remains the next song, the next gig, and the next cheer from their fans.