Have you ever come across a dog who acts like a cat?

Hello, pet lovers. This is good news for you’ll if you like to play neutral. You wouldn’t have to say, “I am a dog person or a cat person.” When you get you see traits of cats in your dogs, you are more than satisfied, aren’t you? It is hilarious how your dogs can sometimes act all poised and sit and behave in a way like a cat that makes you wonder, what exactly do you have in your house.  Scroll down, to check out these funny yet adorable images and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

1. Seems like this doggo has been spending a lot of time with the cats

2. “Hooman, pliss ignore me at this point. Don’t make any eye contact with me”

3. Guess who else likes to sit on the chairs?

4. “Why are you looking at me like that? What is it?”

5. Younger siblings always get inspired by the older ones

6. The cat be like – “Get rid of that dumb dog, John. He is freaking me out.”

7. Don’t know about a bird but he is definitely mimicking a cats behaviour.

8. “What? I was just trying to peek out of the window and it DOES NOT mean I’m a cat, hooman”

9. I just wanted to get cosy. Like the cat does it.

10. We can tell that Bell doesn’t just live with the cats, it acts like one too now.

11. When your mum wakes you up early for school.

12. OMG, he’s so ADORABLE!

13. “Don’t tell me that I’m behaving like a cat. I’m just chilling, okay.”

14. Can you spot the cat? If you did, can you differentiate?

15. “How may I help you today, Sir?”

16. “Dis my bed now, hooman. Go away, shush”

17. “Can you just dry clean me today instead of giving me a bath?”

18. “My friend sits like this”

19. Here’s a new version of “If I fits, I sits”

20. “Oh crap! They saw me! Wait, I can explain…”