Hell’s Paradise is the latest anime to capture the hearts of anime fans. It is the gripping tale of a ninja who is ready to take on a challenging and deadly journey. If you are unsure about watching this series, then our review might help you decide the same.

Hell's Paradise Review
Hell’s Paradise Review

Hell’s Paradise Plot

Hell’s Paradise is set in the Edo-Japan era. Gabimaru is a renowned ninja who must battle all the challenges to finding the elixir of life. Gabimaru, Saigiri(an executioner and Gabimaru’s handler), and some other men set out for an island named Kotaku to accomplish their mission.

But to their shock, the place is all filled with extremely dangerous plant monsters. Gabimaru and Saigiri must team up with the other men, who are all criminals; otherwise, they would turn the meal into food for the plant monsters. So they will have to deal with the evils inside the dreaded island as well as the criminals who plan to kill them.

Gabimaru isn’t an extraordinary ninja. He isn’t scared of anyone and has managed to avoid multiple execution attempts. He is someone who has immense love for his wife. But to get to her, he has to travel to Shinsenkyo and retrieve the elixir of life. Sagiri tells him that he will be pardoned if he can complete this tough journey.

The Hits

Right now, only a few episodes have been released, and the adaptation has been well-received by the audience. But few felt that the anime could not hold the suspense and horror that the manga managed to do. The action and visuals seem to have been toned down for the TV audience. But we cannot pass any firm comment about this since the story has just begun, and it is expected that the story will take a dark path as the characters progress toward the notorious island.

The anime has won appreciation due to the characters. The proper focus has been laid on the development of the lead character, Gabimaru. The conflicting relationship between Sagiri and Gabimaru is a treat to watch. The storyline isn’t confusing and follows the events at a natural pace. The usual great visuals and effects from the iconic MAPPA studio

The Miss

Those who aren’t a fan of gore and violence might not enjoy watching this anime. The series has a dark and gory theme that can be unpleasing for some. This anime is not recommended for those who love watching colorful anime. The gore and blood can make it difficult to watch for some. Also, the pace of the story is a bit slow.

Is Hell’s Paradise Worth Watching?

The theme is a bit dark and violent, but the character development and plot are quite gripping. The anime has managed to blend all the elements of a horror anime perfectly. So you should definitely think about giving this series a watch. The series streams on Crunchyroll