ell’s Paradise recently got adapted into an anime by the Mappa Studio. Hell’s Paradise has been a hit among the fans and has already sold four million copies worldwide.

The Hell’s Paradise fan community has wholeheartedly accepted the adaption of the manga into an anime and had high expectations from Mappa especially because Mappa is known for their works on two critically acclaimed animes “Attack on Titan” and “Jujutsu Kaisen“.

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Hell's Paradise fans are dissapointed with Mappa

However, the fans are not that happy with the anime. Here’s why!

Hell’s Paradise Fans are disappointed with Mappa

While fans have expected some high-quality animation from Mappa for which it is famous especially after “Attack on Titan” and “Jujutsu Kaisen”, it seems like Mappa couldn’t impress the fans with their work with Hell’s Paradise.

The quality, according to the fans, is not living up to the mark and failing to create the Mappa magic on screen.

While fans might be disappointed with the animation, the storyline of Hell’s Paradise is what keeps them from not giving up on the anime this soon.

Fans are claiming that Mappa has failed to touch the art that Mangaka Yuji Kaku has created.

From the first trailer that was launched, fans pointed out that the animation did not have the same touch of art as the manga. The animation seemed “bland“, the style of the character design seemed “boring“, the composition seemed “bad” and the list of complaints goes on!

Hell's Paradise fans are dissapointed with Mappa
Sagiri from Hell’s Paradise


A Twitter user @Kinetic_Marble posted some following reviews about the quality of the animation.

The other fans soon started to point out mistakes made by Mappa.

The fans took to Twitter and pointed out each and every detail that Mappa could and should improve.

Hell's Paradise fans are dissapointed with Mappa
A scene from Hell’s Paradise

However, a few fans totally defended the animation and asked the others in the fan community to have some patience and wait for the actual premiere of the anime.

Truth be told fans were not that disappointed after Episode 1 was released. Most of the fans hyped up the anime and were quite impressed with Hell’s Paradise and Mappa Studio.

Anime- Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku
The animation & fighting in this anime is just so damn good, I'm very pleased with it so far.
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Hell's Paradise fans are dissapointed with Mappa
Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise

Let’s See What the Reddit Community Has to Say

Reddit user u/magiciteshards had to say:

honestly i think it’ll do better than people think bc it’s mappa. the same people who like mappa’s work on jjk and csm will probably love hell’s paradise. it’s probably gonna get advertised to that specific crowd.

Another user u/yohxmv said:

It’ll grow in popularity for sure but idk if it’ll have the reach to be a mainstream hit like JJK or CSM. Those were already being pushed heavily long before they got anime. But then again you never know what will or won’t blow up. I just hope it’s successful enough for a full adaptation which I think it will be

Read the full Reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/jigokuraku/comments/11zd1kg/what_do_you_think_will_hells_paradise_be_a_hit/

What is Hell’s Paradise all About?

Hell’s Paradise has a lot to offer, the action scenes have dynamic movements that keep viewers engaged. We expect a lot of events to unfold in the upcoming episodes.

A dark fantasy genre that tells the story of Gabimaru, a skilled assassin with a superhuman body who is set on a mission along with his partner Saigiri to find the Exilir of life. Gabimaru’s wife has been held captive and therefore he has no way to back out of the mission since he was promised forgiveness and government protection for his wife after he completes his quest.

The problem occurs when Gabimaru has to fight with some dangerous convicts who were brought there for the same purpose and face some horrific animals and monsters along with having an emotional struggle over his commitment to his wife. Sagiri too has inner conflicts that she is desperate to fight against. Together both are set on a mission with life-threatening challenges and successfully complete the quest of finding the Exilir of Life.

Hell’s Paradise: Watch online

Watch Hell’s Paradise online on Crunchyroll.

Hell’s Paradise has already released episode 6. If you want are unable to understand anything about the arc, watch the explanation below.

Hell’s Paradise: Entire arc Explained