Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone world will continue with the year 1923, and this generation of Duttons includes some major people. In the Yellowstone prequel, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren play Jacob and Cara Dutton, the ancestors of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. The two experienced performers play a married couple who manage the family farm that will become the famous Dutton Ranch in the 1920s. However, neither actor sought Costner’s assistance before taking on the role.

‘1923’ shows the ‘survival’ of the Dutton family in Montana

The new Yellowstone prequel 1923 is set in 1920s Montana when the Duttons face challenges during a period of Western development. The family will also have to deal with prohibition and the impending Great Depression following World War I.

“We’re going to see people who we didn’t know about come into the universe and we are going to recognize certain characters who are now members of the present-day Yellowstone family,” star Sebastian Roché told Variety. “In 1883, you saw the genesis of the Dutton family. This is the survival of the family.”

Stepping into the world of the Duttons was a major step for Ford, who hasn’t done much television since his early career in the late 1960s. Despite the fact that we were new to the property, Ford did not seek advice from Costner.

Harrison Ford respects Kevin Costner ‘enormously’ but didn’t speak to him before filming the prequel

According to Yahoo!, Ford stated at the recent 1923 premiere that he admires Costner and the original Yellowstone series. He was, however, able to play Jacob Dutton without the assistance of the two-time Oscar winner.

“I respect Kevin enormously and his body of work and everything he’s done, and the work he’s doing in Yellowstone. But I’m on my own path,” Ford said. “We haven’t had a chance to catch up, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Because of Sheridan’s script, Ford stated that he wanted to star in 1923. He considered playing Jacob to be “an incredibly ambitious and vigorous character to play,” and it “seemed like a good idea.”

Mirren also admitted that she hasn’t spoken to Costner. Her reasoning is that she doesn’t know him. She is, however, open to getting together “one of these days.” Mirren stated that she was drawn to the role of Cara Dutton because she has always been captivated by American history, particularly the American West.

‘1923’ star Harrison Ford tested ‘approximately 75 hats’ to find the right look for Jacob Dutton.

Ford and Sheridan both stressed the importance of finding the right look for their characters. Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Indiana Jones in 1923, claimed that Sheridan was “very specific” about what he wanted and that the Indiana Jones hero had to put on “approximately 75 hats” to get it right.


“It’s all about his hat. We made so many for him. All the different colors — trying the different creases, the different brims, the different crown heights,” Bryant said. “Taylor is also very specific about the kind of hat that he likes, too. There was a lot of collaboration with Taylor, with Harrison, and myself, to create what I call the ‘Jacob.’”

1923 premieres Sunday, December 18 on Paramount+.