Tinder is not the way to go if you want to find love.

Dogs do not get a lot of choices when you talk about finding their soulmate. Even if not a soulmate, just for dating or having fun. So, what would a dog do when his master is married and have a beautiful wife. We are talking about an Alaskan Malamute who walked down the aisle with his owner as best man.

Now, the pet parent to be the best wingman ever and help the poor doggo, Phil to find a date. He decided to create a profile for him on Tinder. So, let’s see how it went for Phil on this dating app.

Apparently, Phil likes a woman who takes control.

And she definitely knows what she wants.



What more could anyone want?

Who cares about the rules when you’ve got true love?

Dog walkers might be appreciated be he doesn’t need one.

The goodest boy that ever existed.

He will not listen to anyone without the treat of belly rubs.

Honestly, who wouldn’t?

There are no rules, Doggo always keeps the ball.

Of course, he’s got an Instagram.

I think you have succeeded in that regard.

Bamboozled indeed.

This is the happy couple and their adorable dogs.

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