Currently, the countries across the world are implementing lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus. As social distancing is the only prevention of the virus, we are staying indoors to protect ourselves from the deadly virus. But, at the same time, there are countries that have managed to cope with the pandemic. And they have started easing the lockdown rules. One such place is Florida where the restrictions have lifted. And the people are out on the beaches to enjoy. Thus, to still safeguard the people, a man has taken a Grim Reaper tour to the Florida Beaches.

We know that you are quite astonished after knowing this fact. But, this is true that the people were letting their hair down on Florida beaches in large numbers. And one such beach is Jacksonville Beach. Some people were seen biking, swimming, surfing, and fishing on the beach. And a very few of them were seen wearing masks.

Daniel Uhlfelder takes the Grim Reaper Tour

Thus, a Florida lawyer, Daniel Uhlfelder has taken a Grim Reaper tour to make people aware of social distancing norms. Also, he made a statement while his tour that it is premature to open the beaches right now. He ensured that people know the importance of staying home. He had revealed his plans about his tour as Grim Reaper a month ago and now, he is on the beaches doing his job.

Uhlfelder drew inspiration from New Zealand’s swim reaper who promoted water safety. Thus, we would recommend you all to stay homes and make the Grim Reaper tour a success.