The second season of the comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia, which arrived almost two years after the show’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger in February 2021, appears to have been well worth the wait. What do you think about season 3?

After learning that her mother had killed her stepfather, Ginny (Antonia Gentry) took steps toward escape with her younger brother. Ginny is still dealing with the shocking discovery that her mother is a murderer when season 2 begins, and she is also trying to deal with all the usual teenage drama. Georgia (Brianne Howey) is engrossed in wedding planning, but is this just a way to get away from her issues?

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In previously released first-look photos, Marcus and Ginny were seen enjoying a time together, and Georgia and her fiance Paul were caught in a warm position. What would happen in season 3 is almost guessable. But will the cast reprise their roles, and what decisions have the producers made for the storyline? This article has the juice to it all.

Season 2 (Spoilers to season 1 ahead)

Season 1 was a roller coaster ride for many, from the family moving into a new town and making new acquaintances to finding recent troubles. The Season ended with a shocker. Ginny runs away from home with her brother to Georgia to get married to Paul. Season 2, as per the trailer released by Netflix, indicates that Ginny may be appreciative of her mother’s efforts in taking care of her and her brother, which she lacked in season 1. Season 2 also shows us more of Ginny’s romantic relationship with Marcus. The viewers can see more of Georgia sorting her life of chaos in order. The season was set to release on 5th January 2023 on Netflix.

Ginny and Georgia season 2
Georgia in season 2

Season 2 review (Spoilers ahead)

The makers announced in April 2021 the dates, and they aligned the plot line with what was promised. The viewers have so far had mixed reviews about the show.

Ginny and Georgia
Ginny with Marcus in season 2

The starting few episodes build on Ginny’s relationship with Georgia and her mental health. After Georgia explains to Ginny that she killed Kenny to protect herself and her family, Ginny feels guilty about what happened to her mother and her. Thinking that she may have been the problem and not blaming her mother. After a few episodes, Ginny’s mental health improves with the help of the people around her. Georgia, Ginny’s father, and Marcus. Marcus and Ginny break up this season and still support each other as friends.

Austin’s father return’s this season, and we see him threatening Georgia for money. Georgia almost cancels her wedding with Paul, and Ginny saves it. Georgia confesses to Paul about her murders and keeps herself from the blackmail when Paul cooks up some legal help with the help of his position of being the Mayor. The season ends with Georgia being arrested for the murder of Cynthia’s husband, Tom.

Ginny and Georgia Season 3 Release Date

Considering how season 2 ended, there is a strong possibility of season 3 being made. Although the officials have not yet announced season 3, fans are hopeful. Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia was announced two months after the official release of season 2. Netflix may do the same for Season 3 too. This means we will get a confirmed release date by the end of March this year.

Season 3 Cast

Season 3 will see the same cast reprise their roles. The leads, Ginny and Georgia, will be played by Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey, respectively. The season will also see Felix Mallard return as Marcus, Sara Waisglass as max, Aaron Ashmore as Gil, Raymond Ablack as Joe, and Nikki Roumel ad young Georgia.

Season 3 Plot

The plot, however, may continue how Georgia deals with the new problem and find a way to get away this time too. Ginny, in Season 3, may have to find ways to help deal with her mental health as she sees her mom being taken away by cops and her brother Austin running behind the car. Season 3 May also give us an insight into what happened to Kenny and what Georgia dealt with in her past. Hopefully, this March, Netflix will announce the dates, and we can confirm more updates.