Gigantic Ice Disc spotted in the river Maine

Spinning ice disc which is gigantic has been spotted in Presumpscot River in Westbrook of Maine. After the video of the sight of ice disc was shared on social media it got viral and left the watchers stunned.

According to the report of The Guardian, the video is of a drone footage that has been taken by the marketing and communications manager.

It is for the city Tina Radel. The video shows the spinning of a 100 metre disc moving in a clockwise direction.

Explanation of Ice Disc by Professor of Bowdoin College

According to Press Herald, Mark Battle who is an associate professor of physics at Bowdoin College in Brunswick had told it that he has never seen anything like the Westbrook ice disc.

Battle further stated that the disc is actually rotating counter clockwise. He said that this is because of the current of the river.

He said that the ice disc might have rotated clockwise but because of the current of the river, its actual motion is counter clockwise.

Battle said the counter clockwise movement of the disc was also because of the thickness of the ice. As well as the friction that is caused by the grinding of the ice against the shoreline.

How are the Ice Discs formed?

The natural phenomenon of ice disc formation is not just unusual but also fascinating. Such phenomenon are very common in North America which has colder climate.

They are formed on the outer bends of the rivers which creates currents with the water that is coming in through.

These currents cause the chunks of ice to break and rotate. When the spinning ice disc rotates, they smooth out their edges thereby resulting in the formation of circles or discs.

The Ice Disc in Maine

The ice disc of Maine has been created by the Saccarappa Falls that is located about 100 feet away. They were broken down by the current which has also smoothed the edges during spinning.

Source: The SunIndian Express

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