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Former Louisiana State Player Shot in Thigh by a Labrador Retriever

The title of the article might have left you in wonder as to what you just read. But yes, you read that right. An unfortunate incident happened with a former LSU offensive lineman, Matt Branch. The player was shot by a dog during his hunting adventure.

The former Lousiana State player was having a happy hunting day on the 28th of December until this freakish accident happen. He was out there with his group of friends in the wilds of Mississippi hunting.

The dog jumped straight into Branch’s all-terrain vehicle and somehow stepped on his shotgun which fired a shot straight into the Branch’s left thigh.

The entire incident described by Micah Heckford, Branch’s friend.

One of the friends, Micah Heckford, who was a part of the hunting team described the entire incident to The Clarion-Ledger.

They were a group of four friends including Matt, Micah, David and David Joe. It was around 9:40 am when this incident happened. Branch had just finished loading his gun and laid it down in the Ranger (the bedside). Heckford was sitting at the tailgate of the Polaris.

The Labrador retriever, Tito, saw the hunters loading their guns and jumped up into the bedside of the Ranger. He gazed at them for a while then sat on the safety of Branch’s gun. This triggered a shot and it went straight into Branch’s thigh.

Matt Branch suffered some major injuries 

Heckford revealed that Matt’s pants were all soaked up in blood. The spray from the bullet almost took his life. It damaged his femoral artery and other muscular and vital vascular tissues.

Matt Branch is a former LSU- Lineman
Source- ESPN

Branch was quickly taken into emergency surgery and it took the doctors several hours and multiple blood transfusions to bring Matt out of danger. He has stabilized and is on road to a steady recovery.

Source- Clarion Ledger, The Guardian

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