Are you looking forward to your next trip? Wondering which hotel should you book? Well, book any hotel of your choice, but listen up to these tips that an ex-hotel employee have recently shared. You might find them interesting and shocking.

She’s revealed them on her TikTok video, we have picked and are sharing a few of them with you today. Check it out.

Janessa Richard used to work at a hotel, and she wanted to warn people about a few things.

Just so you know,  the employee said that it is only from her personal experience, and she stresses that case might be different for other hotels out there.

Having said that, she does say many people have experienced the same issues.

So without further delay, let us quickly get into the details. The first information that she shared was pretty much as want we had suspected it to be. Never walk on the carpets bare feet.

Why is that?

Well, she said that hotels does not clean the carpets between guests. And, that they rarely take carpets for deep cleaning and washing.  It is so rare that only once a year the carpets are taken for cleaning.

People in the comments said they bring flip-flops for this very reason.

Remember to pack Flip-flops, slippers, or extra socks next time you plan to stay in a hotel.

Okay, what’s next?

This may come as a shock to you, but the comforters and duvets also don’t get changed between guests. Yes, if you’ve felt that they have been a bit stiff, you now know what was the reason.

It might be a good idea to bring your own blanket instead.

Well, next time you can as the hotel manager to get them clean and washed for you. We hope they don’t mind it.

The good news is that some hotel chains do wash the duvet and comforter.

The TikTok user clearly mentioned that the Hilton hotel does pay attention to these details. However, you should use this information for other hotels.

Let’s move on to the next yucky secret.

Always wash the glasses you get in your rooms at a hotel. They don’t get washed between guests.

The same goes for the toilet paper.

Unless the toilet paper role is finished, the hotel staff does not bother to replace it with another fresh roll.

Janessa also said a lot of shady stuff happens at hotels.

One interesting fact is that hotel employees are not allowed to say your room number out loud.

There are laws that restrain doing so. The employees are responsible to maintain guests privacy at all times. Therefore, they will write the room number down when they have to hand you over your room keys.

Now that I’ve scared you off of staying at hotels, I have so good news.

Jessica said, that when you encounter any problem in your hotel room, you should speak to the hotel manager immediately, and you might get compensation from the hotel. It can be in the form of a room upgrade, or free meals.

However, one thing to keep in mind is to be polite about it.

So you see, with these tips I hope your next hotel stay will be amazing.

Do you have any hotel tips that you would like to share with our audience? Leve your ideas and tips and the comment section below.