Even when the worst times are in front of us, we as humans have the power to think beyond what lies ahead and find light in the darkest of times. They say, even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. Today, the case that we are going to share with you’ll is just like the silver lining.

COVID-19 had affected everyone around the world. None of us imagined that we would have to face such situations where thousands of people were dying every single day. Health workers are risking their lives and helping patients to recover from the health condition. Amid all of this, there are a few heroes who we must all appreciate.

This Monday, November 2, after a long day at work, the staff of the Perpignan hospital in France got treated to a pleasant surprise. To check out what the surprise was, scroll down.

A few days ago, the staff of the Perpignan hospital in France got treated to a pleasant surprise

Murielle Marenac, a women surprised the hospital workers with a pleasant gift during the difficult times.

There were flower bouquets placed on each of the cars in the hospital’s parking lot

The lady is a florist and runs a flower salon named Marcenac Fleurs. Due to the conditions rised due to COVID-19, unfortunately her store got shut. Unlike others, she did not feel defeated of the situation and took the best chance to make other people happy.

The person responsible for this heartwarming initiative is a florist named Murielle Marcenac

The prepaid order were ready but due to the lockdown, the business suffered. Instead of throwing away the flowers, she decided to gift them to healthworkers at the Perpignan hospital

Because of the lockdown, the florist was forced to close her business down

“I had to make a decision, and I didn’t want to waste the flowers. Instead of crying, I told myself that we had to make people smile, especially at times like these,” the 38-year-old florist told Hiptoro.

Instead of throwing away all the unsold flowers, the woman decided to gift them to the healthcare workers

“They thank me for my support and my approach because at the moment it’s complicated. They need it, we have to support each other at times like these and not get angry,” Murielle Marcenac told Hiptoro.

“We must support each other at times like these”

She isn’t planning to stop. The lady has decided to continue with the gesture until, her unsold flower pots are over.