Rumour has it that the very talented Florence Pugh is being considered for the role of Rapunzel. Reputable director Baz Luhrmann is also said to be in discussions to direct the project, heightening the interest.

Florence Pugh’s Career

Since her career took off some seven years ago, Florence Pugh has essentially had four well-regarded performances: “Lady Macbeth,” “Midsommar,” “Little Women,” and “The Wonder.” Her eagerness to play the lead role in the “Black Widow” Marvel movie demonstrates her immense potential.

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From playing Yelena Belova in ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Hawkeye’ to delivering a killer performance in ‘Oppenheimer’, big production houses are after her dates.

Florence Pugh Considered To Play Rapunzel In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Tangled’

Florence Pugh And Disney

Florence is familiar with the Disney world. Her explosive performance as Black Widow in the Marvel Studios film alongside Scarlett Johansson and her appearance in the Disney+ series Hawkeye have solidified her place in the Disney family. The whispers of her possible casting in Tangled seem even more probable given this already-existing rapport.

The director of the groundbreaking films Elvis, Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann, is in talks to direct the live-action Tangled. The probable involvement of Luhrmann, who is renowned for his flamboyant and aesthetically beautiful storytelling, promises a distinctive and opulent version of this well-loved fairy tale.

Florence Pugh Considered To Play Rapunzel In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Tangled’

Pugh seems like an appropriate candidate for Rapunzel given her great talent and growing goodwill towards Disney. One thing is certain while we wait for formal confirmation: there is already tremendous interest about the live-action remake of the renowned cartoon film. Whether you’re an avid fan of Florence Pugh or Tangled, the pairing of the two might be magical on the big screen.

It can be a while before we can get an official confirmation considering the fragile situation due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. However, past record indicates that Disney will go ahead with a live-action adaptation of the movie as they have benefited a lot previously with movies like Aladdin and The Lion King. Disney recently released Little Mermaid to much fanfare from the audience and has lined up a bunch of new live-action projects in the pipeline.

About Tangled

Disney’s animated masterpiece Tangled blessed the world around thirteen years ago, in 2010. The movie was a critical and commercial triumph, earning over £157 million ($200 million) in the US and an astounding £466 million ($592 million) globally. Tangled, praised for its endearing characters, lovely soundtrack, and fascinating plot, rose to become the eighth-highest-grossing movie of 2010. Rapunzel was a highly sought-after part for the live-action adaptation since Mandy Moore’s voice performance as the character was particularly praised.

Reactions On Casting Florence Pugh In Tangled

The internet is buzzing about Florence Pugh’s possible role as Rapunzel. Discussions, arguments, and speculative posts have inundated online forums and social media platforms during the past few days and weeks. A formal announcement is eagerly awaited, and many fans have expressed their support for Pugh to don the long, enchanted locks of Rapunzel.

Fans of Pugh have even started an online petition on calling for Disney to cast the actress in the role. Isn’t that just great?

On one hand, many people are enjoying the news, but some of the people are not satisfied with this decision.

One user wrote,


Another user said,

“Hair is not nearly long enough!” 

One more user commented,

“I’m sorry…. Tangled … is the one you choose to not go with African American or Latina casting… Who even makes decisions at Disney…” 

Another person quipped,

“Doesn’t suit the character at all”.

One more user said,

“They are gonna pick a white girl? AINTNOWAY”.