Jamie Lee Curtis stopped the wheels of time, and all it took was a few photos. The 64-year-old actress sports an incredible plunging cut-out gown in the forthcoming February issue of the fashion editorial British Vogue. She is featured alongside Cate Blanchett ad Michelle Yeoh. Moreover, the latter just won her first Golden Globe. Micheal Ward and Taylor Russell are also featured in the editorial.

Curtis took to her Instagram to share the sizzling photos. She writes, “It is always been a dream of mine to collaborate with Greg Williams,” referring to the man behind the lens. She continues, “Ever since he first stalked me on the red carpet with his @leica_camera I’ve been following his eye and his work and was so excited that British Vogue.” Curtis writes further, “(Vogue) asked me to participate in this gallery of performances this year to be shot by him.”

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She goes on to talk about other celebrities who are included in this edition. Curtis goes on, “Particularly excited that my bae @michelleyeoh_official and my pal #cateblanchett are also included in the gorgeous imagery. My team, Sean @seanjameshair and Grace @gracegraceahn were there with me, bringing their great talents to bear along with the gorgeous @tomford dresses and @alexisbittar styled by @denagia and for those who don’t know, Greg is also an inventor and his @theggrip is a GAME CHANGER!”

Fans drool over Jamie Lee Curtis new Vogue pics

The stunning gown is designed by the American designer Tom Ford. It elegantly shows Jamie Lee Curtis’ curves that have left the Internet raging. Along with the beautifully crafted gown, Curtis wore silver bangles and posed at the Getty Villa Museum in Los Angeles, California.

One fan got reminded of another Jamie Lee Curtis’ epic moment:

This reminds me of that time in True Lies when she was dancing for Robo Cop

Another fan tweeted:

Really Ms. Curtis? Really? Thought I was done with the crush thing when I stopped watching ‘True Lies’ 3 times a year… Welp…time to dust off that dvd…

One more fan wrote:

She’s always had an amazing body… glad she’s showing it off and reminding those who may have forgotten
A user commented:
Beautiful as always. This woman’s spirit has always been light and radiant. Favorite roll for me, Trading Places.
One user drooled over Curtis’ beauty and said:
Jamie let me just say that is the chicest photo of you
Another fan tweeted:
Never in my entire life has a 64 year old woman been so attractive