A Bitter Divide in the Cyrus Household

The Cyrus family, well-known for their musical prowess and Hollywood presence, has recently been in the limelight for reasons other than their careers. The ongoing dispute between siblings Noah and Braison Cyrus, paired with their mother, Tish Cyrus’s latest marital venture, has led to a notable rift in the family.
A reliable source disclosed to The Sun about the rising tensions ever since Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus decided to part ways. While breakups are undeniably challenging, the subsequent alliances formed by the children have made matters even more complex.

Choosing Sides

Following the couple’s split, the Cyrus offspring found themselves aligning with different parents. Miley, known for hits like “Flowers”, gravitated towards her mother, Tish, empathizing with her pain post the end of a two-decade-long bond with Billy Ray Cyrus. In stark contrast, Noah and Braison offered their unwavering support to their father.

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Tish’s New Beginning Met with Resistance

A fresh chapter began in Tish’s life as she chose to find love again with “Prison Break” actor, Dominic Purcell. However, this new relationship wasn’t met with unanimous joy from her children. Noah and Braison’s apparent disapproval manifested distinctly when they opted for Walmart shopping over attending their mother’s Malibu wedding.
Miley, on her part, put in commendable efforts to bridge the divide, imploring her siblings to partake in the wedding festivities. Her pleas, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. Describing the current familial atmosphere, the insider stated, “Miley’s family are completely divided and it’s a really sad situation.” They further elaborated on Miley’s mature stance amidst the turbulence, yet highlighted her mounting frustration over the familial discord.

The Roots of the Rift

Since Tish and Billy Ray‘s divorce, changes have been evident, especially concerning Miley’s rapport with her father. Sources indicate a significant strain in their relationship, further intensified post Billy Ray’s engagement to singer Firerose.
As the insider somberly put it, “The kids have sided with either their mum or their dad and there’s not a lot of communication between them. It has been worsening for the past year and it doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight.” The entertainment world watches closely as one of its most iconic families navigates through these trying times.