Choosing your neighbors is never really in your hand. Sometimes life gives you a pleasant gift by putting the sweetest neighbors next door who come forward to offer help every time you need it. But what if you have neighbors that are ready to make your life miserable at every step?

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A Reddit user, @Jeleki2020, decided to share her experience that involved her entitled neighbors who believed that they can do anything they want without getting into weird consequences.

A lot of people would agree that it’s quite important to have a good relationship with your neighbors as you never know when you’re going to need a helping hand from them

The woman started her story by sharing details of her family and her neighborhood. She lives with her two sons in a quiet neighborhood. Each house in the locality has a dedicated garage where residents can park their vehicles. The woman has only one car that she prefers to park in her dedicated parking space. However, the other families have more than one vehicle, and her neighbors often take advantage and park their cars in her driveway.

One Reddit user decided to share how she got involved in a dreadful dispute with her neighbors

The woman gave some background information about her neighborhood and people’s parking habits as it is important to the story

The author of the post added that she has met the family that just moved in next door

The situation changed when a new family of five members moved to the house next door. The woman meet the family and was happy at first with her new neighbors. But things changed when she noticed that the family occupied their garage space to stock their stuff and parked all their four vehicles in the driveway.

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The woman presented the main “characters” of the story that took some time to unfold

One day, her next-door neighbor came to her to talk about his son getting his first car

Her neighbor, the dad, came knocking one evening when the woman was at home. He mentioned that the boy had just turned 16 and so they bought him a truck. However, they did not have much space to park it, so they asked her whether their son could park his truck in her garage. But the woman was determined to disagree as it was her driveway and the truck would be an obstruction. Scroll down to read how the whole situation took a weird end.

The man asked if his son could park his car in her driveway because it’s a big car and they don’t have enough space on their own property

The woman disagreed with this because she uses her driveway and doesn’t find it acceptable for him to park there

The author of the post made it clear that she wouldn’t allow the truck to be parked in her driveway and couldn’t even believe she was asked such a thing

She even sent an email to HOA about the situation just to have it on the record

The situation escalated further when the woman had to go see a doctor because one of her kids was sick

She was about to leave the house when she saw that her driveway was blocked by a neighbor’s truck

She went to the neighbors and made it clear once again that he couldn’t park his car there and that if it happened again, his truck will be towed

Later, the woman had to go to see the doctor once again because her kid wasn’t feeling that well

Once she was back, she saw that the “famous” truck was once again in her driveway

There was no other way but to call the tow truck service and get the car removed

There was no other way but to call the tow truck service and get the car removed

The neighbor called the police on the woman but she was ready to talk about the situation as she had all the evidence

She showed all the emails, pictures, and a video that showed how her neighbors trespassed her property and harassed her

The woman filed a report on trespassing, notified her HOA once again of the situation, and waited to see how this situation would end

The woman didn’t get any shocking outcome from the situation but was happy to see how many people became invested in this story

The woman provided users online with a final update by telling them that the neighbor received a $150 fine

It was also added that the family finally decided to sell the truck and buy a smaller car for their son