An employee who is also largely active on TikTok explained a bizarre incident that resulted in her taking a drastic step. A user named @croissantwoman went viral on the platform after sharing an awful job story. She saw so many red flags that she quit her job on the very FIRST day. The two biggest red herrings were that her tasks were not in relation to her job profile, and second – she was not allowed any breaks!

The disgruntled employee was baffled by the work-life balance and the ridiculous rule. She says, “Today I quit my job the same day that I started it. I start off this job. I’m a sales associate. I get paid minimum wage which is really not a lot of money but it’s minimum wage and it’s a job. So I go in this lady who’s training me, she was very nice, she goes to open the door for me and she starts explaining how to open up the store, how to turn off the alarm, she starts counting the till telling me that this is my job to count the till, check emails, send packages online, do a bunch of things.”

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Employee tells TikTok why she quit her job on Day 1

She continued explaining her side of the story on TikTok. She goes on, “Be able to work an entire system as a sales associate return, exchanges, all of it which, and like if you have worked as a sales associate before you know that’s not your job a key holder is a person who does all this and I said those are all key holder roles…are you sure I’m just being a sales associate? Yeah no sales associates do this this what you’re supposed to be doing. I’m like key holder is the name, you’re giving me a set of keys for like five of these stores in this area so I can open the store, count the till, and be alone taking care of the store, that is a key holder position.”

The employee told the woman that whatever she was telling her to do was not a part of being a sales associate. She says, “It’s part of management, if you want me to do these things, it’s really not a problem but you’re paying me minimum wage when I should be getting paid like at least one or two dollars more per hour for doing this. So even with all of this I’m still like you know what it’s a job a job is a job and I already know how to do all these things so it’s not a big deal but like they’re trying to rip me off I know that. What got me was no breaks. That means I work eight hour shifts and because I’m the only one in the store, the entire shift I get no breaks. And it’s not just today it’s for everybody.”

Employee explains her rage quit on Day 1

Moreover, the TikToker went on to say that this policy extended to all employees of the company. She tells TikTok, “We don’t get breaks. I didn’t eat lunch today because then you need to warm up the food and eat it at the till. On the floor. Like, it just blows my mind like how people just like work like this. So I was just like you know what, it’s OK, it’s OK and I’m just going through my day. And I get in the car and I told myself give it a week.”

She knew that she had to quit the job but could not justify quitting on the first day. However, she went with her gut. She says, “You can’t just quit on the first day I hate quitting I’m not a quitter. I just got in the car and I was like I never wanna come back. And it’s no hate to this company. The company is nice I guess. Everybody I met today was very nice but how can you expect this out of me. Come on. It was just how do these things even happen? How do these things always happen to me? It was just so much I get paid minimum wage, minimum wage!”