Draymond Green has declined his player option worth $27.6M with the Golden State Warriors and is looking forward to having his share of fun in the NBA free agency market. There are chances that he’d stay with the Warriors, as he still has the option to revoke his decline.

Draymond Green, Draymond Green San Antonio Spurs Trade Deal is Imminent, Here’s Why
Draymond Green might move to the Spurs after declining his player option.

Draymond Green is one of the finest players not only in the Golden State Warriors but in the NBA as well. If he steps into the free market, he’s destined to grab the attention of the teams. As soon as the NBA free agency started teams started showing interest in him.

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There are many teams interested in the four-time NBA champion, but the San Antonio Spurs look very confident about signing him. Here’s all the information about the trade.

Why would Draymond Green like to sign for the Spurs?

Green has been in Steph Curry and Karl Thompson’s shadow when it came to money, he earned enough, but it was always less than the two of them. Moving to the Spurs has a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is money. He’s 33 now, and it’s time he gets an expensive contract and earns as much as he can.

Green has four championships to his name, and Spurs don’t have a title-winning squad on paper. This is a great opportunity for Draymond to show that he’s actually worth the money. The power forward would also love to play alongside Popovich and Wembanyama. It’s a chance to do the unthinkable with the duo and take the Spurs as close to the title as possible.

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Can the Spurs sign Draymond Green?

Spurs have enough balance in their salary cap; it’s projected that they can spend somewhere around $37.4M in salaries. They have great young players on their squad and with the spending freedom they have, they would like to get a veteran who can mentor their lads. Draymond Green looks like a perfect fit for the Spurs, and spending on a fully proven star might not bother them at all.

Draymond Green is yet to choose his destination, but all the factors indicate that the San Antonio Spurs might be his next destination. We’ll keep you updated about the trade.