new york dog walker

A dog walker from upstate New York – has been taking frequent photos of his furry charges. Not only are they are incredibly cute and appealing but on seeing them we crave so many questions!

It’s fun and enjoyable to look at them if you are a dog lover. Here is an adorable new Instagram account to fawn over – @saratogadogwalkers

Can you imagine how on Earth does he get all those dogs to sit still and look at the camera?

If you think treats are enough to motivate this whole lot of dogs, just think how much work would it have taken to get just one food-motivated dog to both stay still AND look in the right place.

Since 2011, The New York man by the name of Tim Pink has been doing walks like these.

Clearly, Pink is some sort of dog whisperer

Mr. Pink has more than 1200 posts with 17.9k followers in his Instagram page.

The big, panting pack can be a little different each day (and number well over 20 at times!)

There is no doubt that the packs of sweet pups are well-known throughout the area.

Spotting the bunch of happiness is pretty special for people who live in town. As the dog walker visit frequent local landmarks as well as different residential neighborhoods for a walk.

According to the sources people will come out of their homes and even get out of their cars just to click photos with the pups.

By the looks of it, their humans are great at finding new and exciting routes each day in order to keep things interesting

Green spaces are a particular favorite of all. It is a great manner to breathe in some fresh air free from the hustle and bustle of downtown streets. These efforts seen in the photos always remind us of the two-person who have been into this from the start.

It appears Mr. Pink knows how to fit right in with the pack

But this isn’t just some sort of instant magic, and Pink doesn’t simply add new dogs to the pack and expect it to work

Before adding a new life into this cute gang, Mr. Pink spends time with the new pup to develop a special bond. And with their level of obedience training as well as their unique temperaments.

He also said in an interview that he knows each dog’s name. Both he and his assistants will often call them out during walks just to give them some encouraging words.

“When called, each dog looks right up at him, no matter what is going on around the pack, including when someone else is walking their dog or when there’s traffic,” according to the paper.

Pink’s friendly discipline means that it’s rare for the dogs to get rowdy or distracted.

It’s the feel-good account you need in your life right now, for sure!

Pink’s services are also the reason some town residents can still have a dog. As for Pink, he offers walks as well as boarding for those who go out of town.