Are you feeling low? Are you feeling like you have no energy to work today? Or are you feeling like lying down the entire day in your room while keeping the door shut? If you are feeling like any such things, these uplifting dog tweets would make your day. 

These hilarious stories would make you smile again. So, scroll down and have a look. 

How did you even manage for that long? I couldn’t even get past 15-20 seconds.

How can you ever resist the cuteness?

2. Like a boss.

All the other dogs are like, please give us a chance to prove our innocence, Mr Williams.


That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve seen today.

4. Are you sure it’s not your mum dressed as a sheepdog?

But damn, he’s massive AF!

5. Yep, it’s literally that simple.

Got my little counselor right here, with me!

6. I would certainly agree with that.

Just look at those legs! WHAT ARE THOOOOSSSEEE.

7. Friends forever?

That’s how they do it instead of the fists!

8. Are you sure Joker is going to stop crime?

If he does, he’d be like, “why so serious?” to the criminals he’d catch.

9. That’s alright, you can learn from him.

Or get to know other dogs along with him, it will be easier.


I would NEVER leave him alone.

11. I am sure she can save lives

With her cuteness!

12. Damn, he’s happy to be the President’s dog.

I rule this country, b*tch.

13. Awww, that’s alright Charleston.

You are too adorable for us.

14. Is that even real?

How can he be SO CUTE!? I hope I’m not dreaming.

15. I know right.

But we just gotta let it absorb.

16. That would be nice but then I’d not have any girlfriend.

Because I’d be texting and calling my doggo all the time.

17. Yeah, and we don’t even have the heart to take the food away from them.

Because the puppy face they make, just melts our heart.