There are people with good behaviour and bad behaviour. Some of them are simply about themselves and do not even realize that they are being rude to someone else.

Recently, a case was shared by someone on the Internet where an entitled customer who reached out to a local dog sitter. The customer water the dog sitter to look after their dog. But a small discussion soon turned into an argument when the customer took the sitter rate as an issue.

Already, the customer is being pretty rude:

And then they start to hash out the logistics:

Then, the dog-sitter lays out her rates:

And the woman practically loses her mind:

Then she tries to play some weird sympathy card:

Then it gets worse:

Then the customer threatens to post a negative review on the sitter’s Facebook page:

Then the sitter finally starts to fight back:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get the sweet, sweet last word:

We think the dog sitter give a fine reply to the lady. Well, there is a thing that some people never learn come what may. Hope you don’t come across such rude people in life.