The unconditional bond between a pet and its owner is out of words. You cannot express the feeling of getting unconditional love and loyalty from your dogs. While some of you do not like dogs or are allergic to them, but for us, they are just little angels sent from heaven.

French artist Lucille aka Notidee recently shared a comic on Twitter illustrating the close relationship with her dog. The comic is titled “It’s just a dog”, and it soon went viral on the Internet.

Notidee is an independent illustrator from Strasbourg, France.  The artist has always worked alongside animals all her life. “I work on many fronts artistically speaking, and am currently putting most of my energy into an upcoming visual novel called [Kernel],” she told Hiptoro.

“Neos is a five years old Japanese Spitz who single-handedly shattered my world when he got here,” Notidee said. “He came to me at three months old [with health and reactivity issues], forcing me to relearn everything I thought I knew about dogs from the ground up.”

Janet Finlay, the owner, trainer, and coach at Canine Confidence, say that when you ask, is there a cure for reactivity?, he disagrees with the question itself. . According to her, is not a disease to be cured but a normal and essential survival mechanism. Each one of us acts in a certain way under conditions of threat. We may fight, flee, freeze or try to bluff our way out of it, but we react. In the same way, dogs also react in a certain way. Reacting to a threat is normal and does not need fixing. What needs to be worked upon is to teach our dogs that not all everyday things are a treat to them.

“Reactivity and resource guarding can put both owner and pet in danger if worked on without the help of a professional behaviorist,” Notidee said. „When working on reactivity, we usually focus on applied behavior analysis which, to make it really short and simple, is about giving choice to our dogs while desensitizing them progressively, without ever triggering a reaction (thus never needing any command, we prioritize fun games for the dog that we use to avoid triggers when we meet them outside).”

“I started studying animal behavior (medical training and behavior analysis and modification in particular) to improve his quality of life and give him the ability to make choices whenever possible,” Notidee explained. “He is now a healthy, well-adjusted pup. As for me, I’ve discovered another field I’m deeply passionate in alongside art.”

Notidee told us that the attention  “I have been flooded with messages from pet owners around the world telling me about the animals they share their lives with and how this comic conveyed the way they felt about their dogs, cats, birds, and other critters.”

“Dedicated pet owners, and in particular those tending for the needs of reactive or more fragile animals, will usually puzzle their entourage by the amount of work, money and time they will put into making life a little easier for their pets,” Notidee said. “I had the hope that this comic could help build a bridge between Neos and I, and the people around us who struggle to understand us, but didn’t think the message would resonate with so many.”

Here’s how people reacted to the heartwarming comic