Disney is well known for its family-friendly content, particularly its animated films. The company has delivered fairytale masterpieces that span generations, but in recent years, it has shifted its focus to remaking its animated films in a live-action format.

While these remakes feature stunning costumes, sets, and musical numbers, they often distract from new stories and original films. Disney has already remade several films, including The Lion King, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast, with The Little Mermaid and Snow White on the horizon, amongst many others. The company’s decision to remake films that are barely a few years old, such as Moana, suggests that this trend is far from over.

This article explores why Disney should move beyond live-action remakes and focus on originality instead.

The Drawbacks of Live-Action Remakes

While Disney’s live-action remakes often feature updated moments for a modern world and are visually appealing, they ultimately offer nothing new. They limit the company’s ability to create new stories and original films.

As noted by Screen Rant, “most of these remakes fail to add anything to the original and end up being a cynical cash-grab for Disney.”

Moreover, remakes do not allow for much originality, as audiences already know how the story ends before the first trailer is released. They are predictable, as audiences have seen the story play out many times. While remakes may include some new scenes or additions, these often end up extra to the report, as proven by the original.

The Benefits of Originality

Disney has an endless supply of material to draw upon for new stories and original films. The company could create new and exciting stories by broadening its horizons into new cultures and mythologies. With original cinema, audiences do not know what to expect, which can create excitement and anticipation.

Disney’s track record in creating original films speaks for itself, with movies like Frozen, Tangled, and Moana becoming instant classics. By focusing on originality, Disney could once again become a trendsetter in the industry, pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers.


Why does Disney keep making live-action remakes?

Disney keeps making live-action remakes because they are popular and make a lot of money. These remakes offer a sense of nostalgia for older audiences while introducing these stories to new generations.

Are live-action remakes successful?

Many of Disney’s live-action remakes have been successful at the box office, with several films grossing over a billion dollars worldwide. However, their success has not always translated into critical acclaim or fan appreciation.

What is the problem with live-action remakes?

The main issue with live-action remakes is that they often offer nothing new to the audience. While they may feature updated moments for a modern world and stunning visuals, these remakes ultimately limit Disney’s ability to create new stories and original films.

Source: Collider