Demon Slayer vs One Piece: A recent controversial ongoing debate on Twitter. Henry Thurlow has claimed that “2023 is going to be One Piece’s year“.

One Piece so far has been one of the most popular anime series for quite a while. One Piece, the original manga created by Eiichiro Oda, was adapted into an anime series that started back in October 1999, premiering on Fuji TV, and has over 1000 episodes to date. The popularity of both the manga and the anime series has grown over time. Fans wait impatiently either for the next installment of the manga series or the next release of the newest episodes every week.

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Demon Slayer vs One Piece: Famous Animator Says One Piece is the Easy Winner
One Piece

“Demon Slayer vs One Piece: Henry Thurlow

Twitter is currently beaming with debates for Demon Slayer vs One Piece. Fans are divided on whether they should really keep faith in the animators and the pace of One Piece, while some of the fans are curious whether Bleach would surpass both these animes.

The popular “Wano Arc” of “One Piece” which is supposed to end, will coincide with the anime’s present arc is being animated currently by Toei Animation, making sure to mesmerize the fans with the highest quality possible.

Recently, Henry Thurlow, the animator of One Piece, has taken to Twitter to post a debatable statement.

He clarified in his tweets that he is not a hater of neither Bleach nor Demon Slayer and is instead a fan of these two animes, he does not want to start a war with Demon Slayer vs One Piece either, but currently, the arcs that are ongoing on both Bleach and Demon Slayer, according to him, aren’t engaging in any “biggest climax” and that is why he thinks “2023 is One Piece’s year“. He also promised the fans that he would bring out the best of Wanos arc with his animation and it will be one of the best in the series.

While many fans wouldn’t agree with the direct comparison between the two anime series Bleach and Demon Slayer, they were in fact, shocked by this latest turn of Demon Slayer vs One Piece debate turn of events. Some of the fans, however, agree with Henry Thurlow’s statement.

Many fans have shown their concerns about how things will pace in the future in One Piece. To that, Henry has replied with such vast chapters in the manga, even after the end of the Wano arc, One Piece wouldn’t be able to reach the arc of Egghead within 4 months, Thurlow made it clear.

A few fans pointed out that Bleach might surpass One Piece after it releases its second cour.

Henry Thurlow is also credited for some famous animes like “Attack On Titan”, “Fire Force Season 2”, “Haikyu!! To The Top”, “Gintama Season 4”, and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” and all of them are some of his groundbreaking works. Henry Thurlow is one of the founders of the Japanese-based American animation firm D’Art Shtaijo. He co-founded the studio with Arthell and Darnell Isom, who are still with Shtaijo. Thurlow, on the other hand, has since departed to work for Toei Animation. He is currently dedicated to One Piece.

Demon Slayer vs One Piece: Famous Animator Says One Piece is the Easy Winner
Henry Thurlow: Animator

Demon Slayers‘ current arc is dealing with Swordsmith Village in which Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers are taking on the Upper Moons

While Bleach TYBW Cour 2: Separation is slated to return on July 2023 with its second part of the arc.

With such bold claim and confidence from Henry Thurlow about One Piece, the much-awaited release of Bleach TYBW, and with Demon Slayer’s latest episode where Ufotable has swooned the fans with its animation, only time will tell whose year 2023 actually is!

Let the debate Demon Slayer vs One Piece reign, while we grab popcorn and watch the latest episodes of One Piece, Demon Slayer Bleach only on Crunchyroll and NETFLIX.