Demi Moore astonished fans earlier this week when she posed in a tiny cheetah print string bikini at the age of 60, and the photos had many asking how she achieved such an incredible shape.

In one of the photos, which was posted to Instagram on Thursday, the Ghost actress sat on a couch on the beach house’s deck with her tiny chihuahua Pilaf nestled on her chest.

In another, she was huddled in the sand, clutching the puppy close to her, with the beach house, a surfboard, and palm trees in the backdrop.

However, the age-defying brunette beauty captivated her 4.4 million followers by explaining how she looked so wonderful.

Demi Moore’s diet and training routine has progressed through several stages during her life.

She was obsessed with her body image in her 20s and 30s, so she took a four-year break from exercise before settling on a more balanced program.

We look into Demi Moore’s ever-changing regime, which has resulted in a gorgeous bikini physique at the age of 60.

Demi Moore was obsessed with her body in her 20s and 30s and put herself through grueling diet and fitness regimes to look good on screen

The actress described in her memoir Inside Out how, as a young actress, she relied on intense diets and workouts to get in shape for her major roles.

‘I didn’t feel like I could stop exercising,’ wrote the ex-wife of Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher in her autobiography.

The frenzy began in 1992 when she was cast in the military courtroom drama A Few Good Men alongside Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.

Demi Moore, who had previously established herself in the films St Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night with Rob Lowe, wanted to look her best in the outfit she was required to wear.

Demi Moore

‘Getting in shape for that movie launched the obsession with working out that would consume me over the next five years. I never dared let up.’

But when she was filming A Few Good Men she had just welcomed her daughter Scout and, because she wanted to lose the baby weight quickly, she hit the gym hard.

The former Brat Packer started ‘excessive exercising’ and her regime reportedly included running six miles every day, long-distance cycling, and lifting weights for up to two hours daily.

But she got so slim she did not have ‘enough fat in her breast milk.’

Demi Moore was told to start giving the child formula and, although the cover girl was ‘crushed,’ she didn’t slow down on the exercise because the star felt that her roles demanded she stick with the regime.

The next movie was Indecent Proposal – with Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson – in which Robert’s character pays $1 million to sleep with the brunette and so Demi Moore felt the pressure to look like a supermodel.

‘I would be on display again, and all I could think about was my body, my body, my body,’ she said.

‘I doubled down on my already over-the-top exercise routine. I cut out carbs, I ran and I biked and I worked out on every machine imaginable.’

Again, with Striptease in 1996, Demi’s character had to work a stripper pole.

‘When I was making Striptease, for breakfast I would measure out a half cup of oatmeal and prepare it with water, then for the rest of the day I would have only protein and some vegetables — and that was it,’ she said.

‘If all this obsessing about my body sounds crazy to you, you’re not wrong: eating disorders are crazy, they are a sickness. But that doesn’t make them less real.’

By her 40s, Demi Moore decided to slow down a little but still maintained an active lifestyle

In her 40s, the on-screen star decided it was time to start slowing down and turned her attention to more low-impact workouts while still maintaining an active lifestyle.

Demi Moore revealed in 2010 that she had taken up Bikram yoga which has been proven to ‘improve lower body strength, lower and upper body range of motion, and balance in healthy adults,’ according to the National Library of Medicine.

Her then trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche confirmed to InStyle at the time that the star had fully committed to the workout and had also added a mixture of strength training.

But, not content with simply taking part, it was confirmed a few years later that Demi Moore had actually become a verified Kundalini yoga teacher herself – with the discipline focusing on raising individual consciousness through breathing techniques and physical poses.


At age 47, the actress spoke to Elle to reveal that she was finally happy with her body.

She told the publication: ‘I had an extreme obsession with my body. I made it a measure of my own value.

‘I tried to dominate it, which I did, and I changed it multiple times over. But it never lasted and ultimately it didn’t bring me anything but temporary happiness.

‘Does being thin resolve anything? No. The irony is that when I abandoned that desire to dominate my body, it actually became the body that I’d always wanted.

‘But it only happened when I stopped trying to control it. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless.’

The actress took a break from exercise for four years before entering a new phase in 2019

Demi Moore decided to take a break from exercise for four years before tentatively making a return via virtual dance cardio classes using ‘The Mirror.’

The device allows users to work out in the comfort of their own home and take classes that offer personalized instruction.

And she took to Instagram in May 2019 to mark the occasion.

The leading lady uploaded a video as she explained: ‘I haven’t exercised in over four years’ before telling followers to wish her luck.

The now 60-year-old actress is very conscious of what she puts into her body.

She adheres to a strict raw vegan diet, which means she exclusively consumes raw plant foods that do not require cooking.

There are suggestions that boiling might cause ingredients to lose vital nutrients and enzymes – and that eating raw plant food can improve energy levels, prevent disease, and improve general health.

She is not the only celebrity to join the program, with others, like Gwyneth Paltrow, following suit.

However, Dr. Laura Brown, a senior lecturer in nutrition at Teesside University, warns that if followed for an extended period of time, the diet may cause more harm than good.

According to The Conversation, some veggies actually have a higher nutritious content when cooked since the process helps break down cell walls and allows nutrients to be released.

Nonetheless, Demi Moore’s raw vegan diet appears to be working for her, who is also one of the celebs who has given up booze.

She confessed in her novel that she interrupted a 20-year streak of sobriety with a beer after ex-husband Ashton Kutcher informed her that he didn’t believe alcoholism existed.

Despite a temporary setback, he has returned to sobriety.