Donald Trump Cancer News

Scientists all over the world are trying their best to find a cure for cancer, and yet there is no permanent solution out. Cancer has been one of the biggest problems all over the world and in the US, with thousands of people dying daily due to the disease. Hence it is a major issue which is also popular to be talked in the US presidential campaign.

US President Donald Trump in his recent rally at Cincinnati, Ohio, has been doing the same for his promotional campaign. To win the second time and make his way towards the White House in 2020, Trump is now promising to cure cancer. Here is what Trump has to say on the cancer cure and the possibilities of it actually happening.

Trump promises to cure Cancer without Proof

Trump Fake Promises

During his recent rally in Cincinnati last week, Trump made a promise to his supporters which can never be fulfilled. Trump said that America would achieve new breakthroughs in the medical and scientific field and cure cancer soon. At the same time, Trump promised the US citizens there that he is very close to totally cure pediatric cancer.

Trump has been making the same fake promise all over the US states, with Florida in last June as a recent example. The reality is Trump never gives out any proof or mentions the name of scientific research, which is close to a cure for cancer. He just talks about developing a cure soon, which is nothing more than fake news.

Cancer Stats in US and the World

Cancer Stats

The US National cancer institute has released data which shows how grave the disease is in the country. There are more than 1.7 million new cases of cancer registered and around 600,000 deaths related to cancer. There are about 15,270 patients of cancer who are between 0 to 19 years of age.

The lack of a permanent cure has made cancer as one of the most dangerous diseases in the whole world. While Trump promises to cure cancer in the US, UK scientists have better results. As per the news reports, several lymphoma patients have been treated with the CAR-T therapy method. It is still time for the method to be applied to a large group of patients.