Have you ever seen a crossbreed dog? If yes, you would know how cute and precious they are. Of course, more than hundreds of purebred dogs are found in the world. But it’s just that every time we come across a crossbreed, our heart skips a beat. 

And the best thing about them is their unique name. Like the mix of a Pomeranian and Husky is called Pomsky. How adorable is that? Now, you tell, if the name is so cute, how can we not fall in love with the crossbreeds?

If you are also a total sucker for crossbreed dogs, scroll down because we have found 17 precious babies.  

Warning: Hold your heart while scrolling down because these furry babies might steal it.

Corgi + St. Bernard

Dachshund + German Shepherd

Golden Retriever + Husky

Corgi + German Shepherd

Newfoundland + German Shepherd

Siberian Husky + Pomeranian

Maltese + Beagle

Corgi + Poodle

St. Bernard + Husky

Pyrenean Mountain Dog + Siberian Husky

Pug + Shar Pei

Rottweiler + Labrador

Australian Shepherd + Husky

Samoyed + Husky

Bulldog + Chihuahua

Corgi + Chihuahua

Labrador + Chihuahua