A couple from Wigan has built an all exclusive mini garden pub during this nationwide lockdown. They both knew that they couldn’t keep living without a pub. For once they were going to utilize the space in the back garden.

The Crab family has the plan and brain behind this beautiful Octavia Chic. It was Amy and her husband who build their own  pub.


The Octavia Chic has stunned people living out there with their interior design ideas. The post was shared on June 11. The post received over 27,000 likes and 34,000 shares.


octavia chic

octavia 1

It’s f**ken mintox” – The whole thing worked out to take only three weeks to build. And yes, they’re pretty sure about it.

The Drunken Crab Pub

Looking at the interior, you’d almost think it was a real one. The post was shared on Facebook by Amy. She says, –

“My husband and I have had a very busy few weeks working on our favorite project to date. The Drunken Crab.”




Amy shared that they have given their best efforts to designed, built, and painting the whole thing. Both of us are glad that they completed it by themselves. Without overdoing it, we were very jealous.

The Drunken Crab – a top-notch place to put some sport on the big screen and spend the weekend getting well and truly pickled.

Following their Instagram account “octaviachicwigan” with more than 890k and have been praised a lot in the comments.


pub 2

All the materials used inside are handmade. And is selected to make it seem exactly like a local pub. Honestly, with those real taps, comfy chairs, and proper beers on the go, we reckon you’d have a hard time getting us out of the joint.

crab pub

pub mini

If anyone got one of your own, share us some photos in the comments section and let us see it.