During a live concert over the weekend, country music artist Brantley Gilbert expressed his sentiments regarding Bud Light.

You may have heard that not everyone is pleased with Bud Light and its parent corporation, Anheuser-Busch.

The majority of the outrage arises from a video posted by trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in which she promotes the alcoholic beverage. As a result, some have accused the firm of “going woke.”

The 26-year-old content maker disguised as Audrey Hepburn and drank a can of Bud Light beer in the video.

Despite the fact that Mulvaney previously uploaded a video in collaboration with Bud Light in February, the most recent post elicited a flood of hateful comments from trolls, with many promising never to drink Bud Light beer or any Anheuser-Busch products again.

Check out Mulvaney’s Bud Light collaboration below:

Following the deal, music icons such as Kid Rock and Travis Tritt have expressed their discontent with Bud Light, and now Brantley Gilbert has done the same.

A video of his performance at Indian Mountain ATV Park in Piedmont, Alabama, has gone popular on social media after conservative Turning Point USA official Benny Johnson uploaded it.

Gilbert is seen in the video scooping up a can of Bud Light that had been thrown onto the stage.

After inspecting the can, he shouts, “F*** that,” before hurling it onto the stage floor, causing it to explode.

It’s worth noting that Gilbert stopped consuming alcohol several years ago, so he could have simply been expressing his dissatisfaction at being served an alcoholic beverage.

 Bud Light

Nonetheless, some social media users believe Gilbert smashed the can as a result of the brand’s association with Mulvaney.

One Twitter user who shared the clip wrote: “Brantley Gilbert reaction to someone throwing him a bud light […] Go woke go broke.”

Another added: “Brantley Gilbert spiked a can of Bud Light on stage when a fan tossed one to him. THAT’S how you treat woke brands. Destroy them.”

On the other hand, other Twitter users were eager to point out the riff Gilbert’s band was playing in the backdrop of the video, which was lifted from Queen’s classic “Another One Bites The Dust.”

As a result, many social media users couldn’t help but notice the irony of a Bud Light can being destroyed… while a song by one of the greatest LGBTQ+ artists, Freddie Mercury, played in the background.

Freddie Mercury

Whether you like Bud Light or not, and whether Gilbert was mocking the corporation or not, you can’t help but smile at the irony.

Despite being one of the most popular bands in history, Queen’s flamboyant personas may occasionally land them in hot water.

The band debuted their single ‘I Want To Break Free’ in 1984, followed by a music video featuring all four members dressed in drag.

Despite many fans laughing along with the band’s antics, guitarist Brian May recalls a different situation in the United States.


Speaking to NPR Radio in 2010, May says: “I remember being on the promo tour in the Midwest of America and peoples’ faces turning ashen and they would say, ‘No, we can’t play this. We can’t possibly play this. You know, it looks homosexual’.”

Although the video was never officially banned in the United States (as some wrongly believe), the cold reception did result in one of Queen’s best songs underperforming significantly in the country. May believes the film harmed the band’s reputation, saying, “I know that it really harmed our sort of entire relationship with certain radio in this country and probably the public as well.”