The Taiwanese crime drama series, Copycat Killer, follows the story of a team of police officers and prosecutors as they investigate a series of murders based on a famous crime novel. In the latest episode, “Episode 9”, the plot thickens as new information about the murders and the suspects comes to light.


The episode begins with Cun-yi, the prime suspect, writing a note in his jail cell, where he reveals the serial killer’s true identity. Meanwhile, Kuo and his team uncover new information about Jia-tang’s murder, bringing in He-ping for questioning.

He-ping’s Interrogation

During He-ping’s interrogation, Kuo questions his knowledge of the serial killer, and He-ping becomes defensive. He-ping accuses the prosecutors of not doing their job correctly, leading to a clash with Kuo. He-ping later lies to his colleagues about his interrogation and claims that he will pay homage to Ya-cih during his broadcast that night.

Investigation Updates

Yan-jhen visits the police station to ask about He-ping’s involvement in Ya-cih’s death, but Kuo refrains from commenting. Kuo receives an audio recording of Jian-ho calling a distress helpline before his death. In the meantime, Yun-he has a counseling session with Cun-yi, who claims he was not involved in the murders and was only a bystander. During the session, Yun-he learned how much her brother loves and respects her from the recording.

He-ping’s Broadcast and Yu-tong’s Condition

He-ping plays a montage of Ya-cih’s life during his broadcast and ridicules her for mocking him. Da-chao breaks down at He-ping’s behavior, while Yan-then finds Ya-cih’s cigarette dispenser in He-ping’s cabin, growing suspicious of him. He-ping later whistles outside Yu-tong’s hospital room, sending her into shock and worsening her condition.

The True Identity of the Serial Killer

Cun-yi’s note in his jail cell reveals the serial killer’s true identity, and it shocks Kuo and his team. The revelation leads to a frantic search for the killer, who has been operating right under their noses.

The Search for the Killer

As Kuo and his team scramble to find the killer, they discover that the killer has been in plain sight all along. The killer’s identity is revealed in a dramatic climax, where Kuo and his team must race against time to stop the killer before they strike again.


The episode ends with Kuo reassuring Da-chao that they will catch He-ping and the killer. Yun-he finds some closure after hearing her brother’s audio recording. Copycat Killer has kept its viewers on the edge of their seats, and the last episode promises to be a thrilling conclusion to the series.


What is Copycat Killer?

Copycat Killer is a Taiwanese crime drama series that follows a team of police officers and prosecutors investigating a series of murders based on a famous crime novel.

Who are the main characters in the series?

The main characters in the series are Kuo, a prosecutor, and his team of police officers, including Da-Chao and Yan-Chen.

What is the show’s genre?

Copycat Killer is a crime drama series that involves police investigation and criminal psychology.

Where can I watch the show?

Copycat Killer is available for streaming on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in the series?

Copycat Killer has a total of 10 episodes.