Copycat Killer Episode 8 starts with a shocking and intense scene that takes the viewers back to He-ping’s past, revealing his sadistic tendencies. The opening scene sets the tone for what is to come in this episode, which is dark and disturbing. The police are investigating He-ping’s involvement in the show and are convinced he is the real Noh. As the episode progresses, the viewers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness He-ping’s past and present-day actions.

He-ping’s Past

The viewers glimpse He-ping’s past, illuminating his twisted and demented mindset. He-ping’s parents died under mysterious circumstances, which leads the police to believe that he was involved in their deaths. He-ping claims to be a director who wants to direct his stage and destroy life according to his will. The flashback scene shows how He-ping manipulated the truth to present his narrative and earned praise from his bosses. This scene sets the stage for the viewers to understand He-ping’s motivations and tendency to control situations to his advantage.

The Kidnapping and Murder of Yu-ping

He-ping’s twisted mindset leads him to commit heinous crimes. Along with his friends, Cun-yi, Jia-tang, and Jia-wun, He-ping kidnaps Yu-ping and subjects her to torture. Cun-yi tried to back out, but He-ping threatened to harm his sick and dying father, forcing him to participate in hell. Jia-wun killed Yu-ping, and He-ping killed her with bare hands right before Cun-Yi. This scene is intense and disturbing, as the viewers witness He-ping’s lack of remorse and disregard for human life. Cun-yi tried to contact the police but was threatened by He-ping, who used Cun-yi’s father’s life as leverage.

Present Day

Presently, He-ping kidnaps Ya-cih, who is investigating and killing him. The police find Jia-tang dead in his car with a videotape from Noh. The tape shows a slideshow of the victims being tied down and tortured. Ya-cih begs He-ping to let her go, but he kills her by disfiguring her face with a glass ashtray. This scene is intense and brutal, as the viewers witness He-ping’s lack of empathy and willingness to kill without hesitation.


Copycat Killer Episode 8 is a dark and intense episode that reveals more about He-ping’s twisted past and present-day actions. The episode is masterfully crafted to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness He-ping’s lack of empathy and willingness to control and manipulate situations to his advantage. The police are now closing in on He-ping, but it remains to be seen how the show will end. The episode is a reminder of the consequences of unchecked power and the dangers of individuals with twisted and demented mindsets. The viewers are left with unease and anticipation as they wait to see how the show will conclude.


What is Copycat Killer?

Copycat Killer is a Taiwanese crime drama series that premiered in 2022. The series follows a police detective named Kuo, who investigates a series of copycat murders based on a popular online show.

Who is He-ping?

He-ping is one of the suspects in the copycat murders case. He is a twisted and sadistic character with a dark past.

What happened to Ya-cih?

Ya-cih was investigating He-ping when he kidnapped and killed her. He disfigured her face with a glass ashtray before killing her.