Copycat Killer is a thrilling Taiwanese TV series about a serial killer who emulates famous murder cases. In episode 6, the story continues to unfold as the police investigate the latest developments in the case.

Episode 6 Recap

The episode starts with the police finding that Yong had fallen off the roof of an abandoned building. Meanwhile, Jia-wun, angry about what Kuo said to him during the interrogation, returns to where he hid Yu-tong and chains her up, ready to torture and kill her. The doctors tell Kuo and Yan-then that Yong is in stable condition, but Kuo is worried about the officer who returned on the night of his family’s death.

Jian-ho hears about the attack on Yong and recalls his conversation with Yun-hui. He calls Jia-wun and warns him that the cops are investigating him. Meanwhile, Yan-jhen offers to help Kuo with the case after learning how Jia-wun’s lawyers had ties with the House Speaker – Chen Hung-lian. The cops are trying to find a connection between Jia-wun and speaker Chen.

The cops talk to Ming-mei’s mother, who claims her daughter had left the country two years ago. Kuo finds something suspicious about the interrogation. Yan-jhen shares Kuo’s findings on Jia-wun’s family and tells the prosecutor that Jia-wun’s mother was friends with the house speaker’s wife. She claims that the politician knew Jia-wun’s family well and was potentially Jia-wun’s birth father, so he protected him.

Jian-ho visits Jia-wun that day and tries to help his friend. Jia-wun breaks down and claims that he is cursed. Kuo learns that Ming-mei had never been abroad and that the money her mother transferred to her bank account was all being withdrawn from ATMs around the nightclub – Kink. They relate these locations to Jia-wun. Meanwhile, a flashback shows how Jia-wun killed his girlfriend – Ming-mei, in his childhood home because she had mocked the dress his mother used to force him to wear as a child.

Kuo and the cops find Ming-mei’s dead body in the backyard of Jia-wun’s family home. The cops call to arrest Jia-wun but do not find him in his apartment. Kuo asks the cops to search the entire city for Jia-wun. Kuo asks his team to look for all the assets owned by Jia-wun’s mother.

Episode 6 Review

This episode of Copycat Killer was packed with suspense and unexpected twists. The investigation reveals new information about the killer and the people around him. The tension between Jia-wun and the police is rising, and it’s unclear what he will do next. The flashback scene showing Jia-wun killing his girlfriend chills and adds depth to his character.

The acting in this episode is excellent, particularly in the scene between Jia-wun and Jian-ho, where Jia-wun breaks down and reveals his inner turmoil. The episode’s pacing is also well-done, with the tension building gradually throughout the hour.

Overall, this episode is a strong continuation of the series and leaves viewers eager to see what will happen next.


Q: What is Copycat Killer about?

A: Copycat Killer is a Taiwanese crime drama television series that follows the story of a prosecutor and a reporter who work together to solve a string of murders that seem to be copycat crimes.

Q: Who stars in the series?

A: The series stars Joseph Chang, Gingle Wang, and Kuang-cheng Chang, among others.

Q: How many episodes are there in the series?

A: The series has eight episodes in total.

Q: Where can I watch Copycat Killer?

A: The series is available for streaming on Netflix.

Q: Is there a second season of Copycat Killer?

A: As of now, there has been no announcement of a second season of the show.

Q: What language is the show in?

A: The show is in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Q: Is Copycat Killer worth watching?

A: If yoCopycat Killer is worth watching, enjoy crime dramas and suspenseful storytelling, Cop show has received positive reviews for its writing, acting, and direction.