Natalia Mogollon, better known under her screen name “Alinity Divine” announced yesterday night that she has officially joined esports and entertainment organization eRa Eternity’s stream team.

Alinity, who has been under fire on multiple occasions were delighted to announce the news to her over whooping 2 million Twitch followers on Wednesday night.

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– «eRa is a team that I’ve joined. Yes, I’ve joined a team officially by the way. I’m super happy to be part of the team. They’ve been super welcoming and super nice, so I’m actually really excited.», Alinity states.

The official announcement on eRa Eternity’s Twitter profile was for a long time being “ratio’d”, which means that there were more comments than favorites – a way for the gaming community to show disapproval of announcements like streamer pickups.

– We knew that Alinity joining eRa was going to cause some discussion, but we’re super excited to work with Alinity on her path moving forward, and can’t wait to show everybody else what we have in store, an eRa Eternity representative states.

The iconic, but controversial streamer has been under heavy fire in the past couple of years since making streaming and content creation her full-time job in 2012. In 2019, Alinity was caught in the heat of “throwing” her cat over the back of her chair in the middle of a game session, which caused huge platform disruption and even PETA’s attention.

It’s safe to say that popular internet sensations misbehaving get a little too much attention than what’s deserved. We all know of cats’ 9 lives, and that they always land on their feet, but Alinity states that she sometimes feels like the community’s punching bag.

Following the announcement of Alinity Divine, eRa Eternity followed up with another substantial pick-up of former FaZe5 winner, NiQs. It’s safe to say that eRa has come back stronger than ever ready to dominate the online gaming space.