Chris Rock recently got in trouble for making a joke about how he watched Emancipation just to see Will Smith “get whipped.”

Before his new Netflix show started on March 4, the 58-year-old tried out some new material at a comedy club. He talked about the slapping incident at last year’s Oscars, which shocked the whole world.

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Will Smith got up from his seat at the Oscars and went to the stage to attack Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. That was almost a year ago.

Smith apologized for his outrageous actions, but he has been banned from this year’s prestigious awards, which will be held on March 12, as well as nine other ceremonies, whether he is nominated or not.

Chris Rock slapped by Will Smith

The “Death at a Funeral” star talked about the event to a full house at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theater.

Will Smith practices selective outrage. People who are in the know, know that s*** had nothing to do with me.

He continued:

The thing people wanna know… did it hurt? Hell yeah it hurt,

he was quoted as saying at one gig as per a source.

He played Muhammad Ali! I played Pookie [his role in New Jack City]. Even in animated movies, I’m a zebra, he’s a f****** shark. I got hit so hard, I heard ‘Summertime’ ringing in my ears.

A source also told the outlet that the comedian is waiting until his Netflix special to say more.

If you were waiting to see Rock on tour address the infamous Will Smith slap situation…the comedian is waiting to spill his humorous take on it on his live Netflix stand-up special.

A source says that Chris Rock also joked at a different event that he watched Smith’s new movie Emancipation just to see the actor “get whipped.”

I rooted for Will Smith my whole life,

he told the audience. But Chris Rock then told his fans that he “hate-watches” Smith’s latest movie, in which he (Smith) plays a slave who has been tortured and runs away.

The other day, I watched ‘Emancipation’ just so I could watch him getting whipped.

Chris Rock

Even though the taunt was meant to be funny, it didn’t go over well with everyone because the movie was so serious.

Chris Rock can make all the jokes he wants about Will Smith, but making a joke saying ‘I only watched Emancipation to see Will Smith get whipped’ in a room of predominantly white people is disgusting,

this Twitter user wrote.

Another added:

Chris Rock ‘joked’ about watching Emancipation to watch Will Smith get whipped. Almost a full year after HE made fun of his wife’s illness? Remind [me] why f****** SLAPPING was the worse thing to do in this situation?

A third said that the joke made Chris Rock seem “crazy.”

I don’t think you understand how demented it is that Chris [Rock] said he watched will smith’s movie to witness him being whipped,

they tweeted.

An insider said that “most stand-ups like to try out their material in smaller clubs before they record a special,” but Chris Rock “relied on the help of veteran comedy writers to make sure his jokes were tweaked, solid, and funny.”

Taking into account how people reacted, it might be a good idea to “tweak” the joke about slavery.

Selective Outrage is now available to be streamed on Netflix.